All My Children Best Lines Thursday 7/7/11


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Tad: I've messed up more relationships and marriages than I ever got right. I was always just the wrong guy--too selfish, never the kind of person that a woman could count on for the long haul--and I'm not proud of that.

Cara: Ok, but you're not that guy anymore.

Tad: I know. See, that's the problem: I think I'm not sure. Because this marriage was supposed to--it was supposed to be the chance to do something right, do something good.

Cara: Ok. You kept me from being deported. My life isn't in danger because of you.

Tad: That's not what I mean. You see, I was supposed to be doing something selfless, something with nothing in it for me. I was just a guy trying to help somebody--somebody wonderful, somebody who needed help--and then... here we are.

Cara: Where is that?

Tad: I know this marriage was supposed to be a deal. It was supposed to be an arrangement in name only, but I got to be honest. I'm...I'm not too comfortable with "in name only." -Hey, mom. -What's for dinner?

Tad: What the hell was I thinking? How could I possibly think I could pull this off? Everybody, everybody warned me about the whole playing a saint thing--Krystal, opal--and they were right. And it's not just the gorgeous factor either. It's you. It's all of you. It's your heart and your soul, your love of family, your commitment to the people you care about. You inspire me. You make me smile. You make me laugh. How the hell is a guy supposed to fight something like that? Looks like I'm only human after all. Now the whole good deed thing is right out the window.

Cara: No, no. You saved my life, ok--more than that.

Tad: Do me a favor, ok, please? Please don't give me a list of all the things you're grateful for, because it's not helping. I got to be honest. Every single night that I go upstairs and you go down, it drives me crazy. I wonder what I got myself into, because I want something and you don't.

Cara: Who says I don't?

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