All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 7/5/11


Provided By Gisele

Jake: You know what you're witnessing right now? The waste of a perfectly good tree -- a tree that I could've hung David Hayward from myself by his toenails.

Jesse: Let me guess -- you got everything here in triplicate.

Jake: Quadruplicates. Quadruplicates ordered by the new owner.

Jesse: Did you know that more people die each year getting crushed by vending machines than from shark attacks?

Jake: Really? Thank you for the public service announcement. It's bad enough that Hayward went and bought this hospital, but how he has removed the cheesy puffs from the vending machines. I know he did it. It makes me want to kill myself. Better yet, what I should do is lure him down here in front of the machine, and I'll gently push it over. Yeah.

Erica: Really, Jane? You want to be me? Your feet are too big. Oh, give me back my ring. Oh, your fingers are too fat, too.

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