All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 6/29/11


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Tad: What the heck. When I started thinking -- I'm sorry -- about what I wanted to say -- because we've been working on this for a couple hours -- no matter how much I wanted to torture him for putting me on the spot, it wasn't the laughs that came to mind. It was the love, because that's why we're here. That's what's most important. There's a lot of it in this room, because I think we're all aware of the love that we have for each other. We're all aware of the things that we've done for love.

Emma: I picked all the flowers.

Spike: I gave Emma back her dolls.

Tad: That's terrific, Spike. That's a very, very loving thing to do. That's a very good start. Because when you get older and you get married, you're gonna find out even more about love. You're gonna find out that being married is the greatest kind of love there is. It's sacred. Being married is about sharing and protecting. It's about being wanted and needed, about being loved through good times and bad, and Lord knows Ryan and Greenlee have seen enough of those. Somehow you two have come through it together. And as I look at you now, I believe that you've never been more in love.

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