All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 6/28/11


Provided By Gisele

David: I always loved seeing you in your element.

Greenlee: Why aren't you back in yours abusing your powers as owner of the hospital?

David: From your office.

Greenlee: Now your office.

David: No, actually, I've upgraded. Anywhere? For your information, you have it all wrong. You are gonna be genuinely astounded by what I'm about to do.

Greenlee: I'm sure you're just back to playing God.

David: It's interesting because I don't remember you having any complaints when playing God saved your life.

David: Yeah. And I'm not just talking about the medicine part. Remember what I taught you back in residency?

Griffin: When in doubt, lie?

David: No. Always keep the professional and personal separate. I'm glad to see you were listening. I know you had your temptations, but you're walking away clean -- no attachments, no obligations -- and that is essential for the success of people like us.

Griffin: Yeah. Look where that's gotten you.

Greenlee: Wow. I don't know what to say.

Ryan: No, let me do the talking.

Ryan: When I think about how close I was to losing you, first on our wedding night, and then when you came back with David --

Greenlee: I'm sorry that I put you through all of that.

Ryan: I thought I was the one doing the talking here.

Greenlee: Have you met me?

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