All My Children Best Lines Monday 6/27/11


Provided By Gisele

J.R.: Sometimes I hold on too tight.

Tad: Well, you might try having a little more faith in the universe, believing that happiness will come your way if you don't push so hard to make it happen.

J.R.: You sound like Mom.

Tad: Fine. I'll take that as a compliment. Because from the day you were old enough to carry Bae around, all she wanted for you was for you to be happy.

Cara: I ordered ahead.

Tad: I can tell. You ordered well.

Cara: Thank you. I figured dinner and a bottle of champagne doesn't make up for you giving up three years of your life to marry a woman who ticked off a drug lord and Immigration.

Tad: Yeah, you say it like it's a bad thing. Correct me if I'm wrong. On our first faux date, I don't think I got to make a toast. So I propose that I'm allowed to make one now. Ok?

Cara: Ok, yeah.

Tad: So what do you say we bend the elbow to being an old married couple?

Cara: All right.

Tad: How long have we been married, anyway?

Cara: Actually, it's been 3 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days.

Tad: To my wife, the genius. To our 3-month, 2-week, and 5-day anniversary.

Cara: And to many more.

Tad's voice: You want to do the honors?

Dixie's voice: No, you do it. You do it for the both of us.

Tad: I wish for another year with my family, my wonderful family, of love, hope, and forgiveness. If life ever comes crashing through our front door, I hope we hang onto each other tight and remember what brought us back together will keep us that way -- forever.

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