All My Children Best Lines Thursday 6/16/11


Provided By Gisele

Krystal: Enjoying breakfast?

Jane: The juice is warm, the eggs are cold, and the fries are soggy.

Krystal: And yet you keep coming back. I guess it's just to give me hell, huh?

Jane: Beats the food.

Bianca: Oh, Mom, I'm so glad I ran into you.

Jane: Oh. Hi. What is it? Something wrong?

Bianca: No. It's just fries for breakfast, fries in general -- so not you.

Jane: These fries -- they wouldn't be anybody.

Jane: I was ugly my whole life. Even my parents couldn't stand the sight of me. I'm sure that's what drove them into an early grave.

David: But certainly you must've had other family, people who cared.

Jane: No, no. No one -- until I adopted Lydia. She loved me. She loved me unconditionally with her whole heart. It didn't matter to her what I looked like.

David: Lydia is a very beautiful name.

Jane: She was a beautiful girl. She was take-your-breath-away beautiful. And I just wanted to make sure that my little girl had the life that I never had -- friends and boyfriends and a mother who adored her. Only then it was just all ripped away.

David: But why Erica Kane?

Jane: I've been her biggest fan ever since I can remember. Erica Kane was my escape. Whenever my mother would tell me how ugly I was, I would run to my room, I would close the door, lock the door, and I would close my eyes, and then -- oh, then I'd be gorgeous. And people would want to be with me, and they would want to look at me, and they would want to be me. So Erica is really how I survived. And then Erica Kane was making a public appearance in New York, and how could I miss meeting my idol in person? And I didn't want to leave Lydia with a sitter. I mean, not in that bad weather and all. Because what if the power went out, and Lydia was so afraid of the dark. And so I took her with me. I took her with me. And, well, after the accident, ohh, I just couldn't live with myself. And that's when I became the fabulous Erica Kane.

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