All My Children Best Lines Thursday 6/9/11


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Bianca: This isn't your fault. None of this is your fault.

Kendall: But what Ricky did to you, it brings you back to what happened with Michael Cambias.

Bianca: It just triggers some bad memories. It brings back some ghosts I thought I'd put to rest.

Kendall: I should have said no. When you asked to help me, I shouldn't have let you.

Bianca: No, that was my choice, and I don't regret it. Ricky will rot for what he did, first in prison and then in hell. This morning, I went back to his hotel room.

Kendall: Why?

Bianca: I thought that if I could just do that, then I could take control again. I would see that it was just some closet in this room, and I fought my way out. I thought I would feel strong again and proud.

Kendall: Binks.

Bianca: I just promised myself after Michael that I would never be scared again.

Kendall: Why didn't you just call me? You should have called me. I would have gone with you. You didn't have to go do this alone.

Bianca: I wasn't alone. Marissa was there.

Kendall: Good. Good. I know the two of you have gotten close.

Bianca: You said that I'm brave, but you're wrong. All I am is a hypocrite.

Bianca: Every day, I counsel women who have endured the most horrific abuse. They live with these nightmarish experiences every minute of their waking lives to the point where it starts to define who they are. And I tell them that they only have to just believe in themselves, that they have this inner strength inside them. If they can just tap into that, they can stop feeling like victims and become survivors.

Kendall: You help them. You help them move from feeling powerless to powerful. That's what you do.

Bianca: How can I do for them what I can't even do for myself?

Kendall: Will you stop? Stop right there. You do not get to guess who you are and how far you've come. You can't second-guess that. You are so strong. You're one of the strongest people I've ever met. Just the fact that you went into Ricky's hotel room shows how strong you are. Just because you're scared doesn't mean you're a victim. After everything you went through, you're here, and you're safe, because you made it that way. Binks, you are a role model to your children and to women everywhere, including me, including your big sister.

Bianca: And you to me.

Kendall: Kane woman to Kane woman. You live up to that name and keep fighting, and Mom and I will be right there with you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Bianca: It's Marissa.


Kendall: Someone else is in your corner.


Kendall: Why aren't you answering?


Bianca: Hey.

Marissa: Hey. You know I hated leaving you the way I did.

Bianca: How's J.R.?

Marissa: He's fine. I'm more worried about you.

Bianca: Don't be.

Marissa: I can't help it.

Bianca: I'm with Kendall right now. I have to go.

Marissa: I'll call you later?

Bianca: Ok. Thanks.

Kendall: Binks, you didn't have to hang up because of me. Marissa was there for you during your divorce. The two of you can help each other through this.

Bianca: No, I can't lean on Marissa. Not anymore.

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