All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 6/7/11


Provided By Eva

Greenlee: Wait. It has to stay there.

Ryan: What's wrong with where it was?

Greenlee: Everything, apparently.

Ryan: But it's, like, totally in the way there.

Greenlee: Yeah, but if it's there, it gives the free flow of energy that maximizes our potential for love and happiness. Feng shui.

Ryan: Look, if moving furniture around was the answer, Greenlee, all we'd have to do is rearrange everybody's living rooms and the world would be at peace, right?

Greenlee: Could we just try it?

Ryan: Moving a chair around is not gonna help us, Greenlee.

Jake: Does Cara know about this?

Tad: Jake, come on. I can barely admit it to myself. What the hell am I gonna say to Cara? The whole thing just kind of hit me out of nowhere, so --

Jake: Love can do that to you.

Tad: Yeah, it can. I didn't go looking for it. You believe me, right? You have to. I'm no fool. I know what I had with Dixie. That kind of thing is one in a million. Lightning doesn't strike twice. For the longest time I've had a hard time believing that I deserved another chance. But you asked, so here it is. If I thought I had a chance -- and I'm talking one in a million -- with Cara, I'd take it. But -- if we're putting it all out there, to be honest, my feelings for your ex-wife don't really matter here. Yours do. So now you answer the question. Things aren't over between you and Cara, are they?

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