All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 5/25/11


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Kendall: Thank you.

Griffin: We're not done yet.

Kendall: I know. But for the first time it actually feels like it's really possible, like this is really gonna happen, because of you.

Griffin: When it does, I'm gonna take you somewhere special.

Kendall: "Somewhere special?" Like, what do you mean?

Griffin: You don't have to get dressed up, unless you want to. I'm gonna take you to the state prison so you can take this sham engagement ring and shove it down Ricky's throat.

Kendall: Yeah, I know exactly what to wear.

Griffin: We can't leave together.

Kendall: I know. Well, I guess this is it.

Griffin: See you on the other side.

Ryan: Don't go.

Greenlee: Ok.

Ryan: It, uh -- it was the hardest thing that I've ever had to do.

Greenlee: I'm listening.

Ryan: I've buried people that I loved before, but, uh -- she was just a little baby, you know? And we only knew her a couple days. I kept getting asked these questions about the casket and the flowers and the music and things like that, and -- I, um -- I kept thinking about what she would've looked like when she grew up. What her voice would've sounded like, what it would've been like to hear her laugh.

Madison: After what you did, your little agreement with Greenlee, I have every right to doubt everything you say.

Scott: Yes. Yes, you do.

Madison: But I don't. What we had -- it was more than just a deal. It was something else, something more.

Scott: Right. Then, please, just --

Madison: No, let me finish. What I felt, what I feel -- it's -- it's changed. It's -- that's not what I meant. What I mean, it's -- it's gone. Ok? Now it's nothing. I feel nothing now.

Scott: You just need to give it some more time, that's all.

Madison: I wish people would stop saying that. Time is not gonna change this. It's not gonna take this pain away. It's just gonna dull the pain maybe, but it's not gonna take this away. I wish I could change the way I feel -- about you, about life, about everything -- but I don't know if I am ever gonna feel anything again. Can you understand that?

Scott: That's fair enough. Ahem.

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