All My Children Best Lines Monday 5/23/11


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Cara: I think he was happy here, Tad. I think that he loved working at the hospital, and he loved his friends. And I just feel like with just a little more encouragement, he would've been ready to stop flying all over the globe. I wanted to settle down with him here. I wanted to make a life with him here.

Tad: I, for one, am glad that half the battle's won.

Cara: I don't expect you to stay trapped in my life forever. You do know this?

Tad: Jinkies. When you say it like that, it sounds like such a party.

Cara: It's work, you know? Work to pretend that we're a couple, to pretend that we're a family.

Tad: I wouldn't exactly call it "work." I'm just saying when I saw you the other day with Kathy and Jenny having so much fun, it didn't seem like you were pretending.

Cara: I love your girls.

Tad: That's good, because they -- the feeling is mutual.

Cara: Oh. And Jenny -- she's -- she's just like you. She is. She's got this huge heart. She's smart and she's funny. And Kathy -- wow. Wow!

Tad: "Pistol" is the word I like to use.

Cara: She's like a force, but I dig it. I dig it.

Tad: Yes, she's just like her mother.

Cara: Look, I hope that I can stay in her life and in Jenny's life when we do go our separate ways.

Tad: We don't have to worry about that for a while anyway. I'll see you when I get back.

Cara: Wait. Hold on a second. When are you coming back?

Tad: I don't know. I might be gone overnight. Why?

Cara: Oh! I was planning one of our horror movie marathons tonight. You know? Aah! Ha ha!

Tad: All right. I'll tell you what. You take care of the kids, and then you can give me a scream-by-scream playback when I get home. Deal?

Cara: That's a deal. Thank you. I can say "Thank you."

Tad: For what?

Cara: For being amazing. For being a great friend to me and to my brother. Thank you.

Tad: That's what family does.

Jake: I got your text. Ok, now, don't say anything. I know. You played hooky from Chandler because you want to go back to the hotel and have a little rumba, and you know what? I'm down. So I have cleared my whole schedule, and I say let's go. Come with me right now.

Amanda: No, Jake, it's not that. There's just something that I need to tell you.

Jake: Ok.

Amanda: Um, you know that I want to have another baby. We talked about this, so you already know that, right? But you, you wanted to wait. But I -- I didn't start taking my birth control after we decided to stop trying.

Jake: Uh, wait. What?

Amanda: I know that I should've told you, but I didn't. And this morning I woke up dizzy, just like I was when I was pregnant with Trevor. So I'm also a few days late.

Jake: What you're saying is you're pregnant?

Amanda: I don't know. They took blood, and I'm waiting for the results.

Jake: Wow.

Amanda: But I know that having a baby right now will be so good for us.

Jake: But we agreed to wait. We talked about this, right?

Amanda: Jake, I really think that --

Jake: You wouldn't be doing this if you thought everything was ok. You think that we're not good. You think something's wrong, right? Why else would you do this?

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