All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 5/18/11


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Erica: How did you do it? Surgery?

Jane: Now, what does that matter? I'm here now. I'm you.

Erica: No, you're not. You're not me. You're -- I don't even know what to call you.

Jane: "Jane" is fine.

Erica: Jane. Don't you have people in your life who would tell you this is too extreme?

Jane: You know what? Sometimes you have to do something extreme. Aren't you a little flattered? I worshipped you.

Erica: And then you stole my face.

Jane: Doctors did a great job, didn't they? It was a long process, worth it. I'm like a piece of art.

Erica: But why? Why would you go to such lengths?

Jane: You have an incredible life. I know. I've studied every piece of it -- your work, your celebrity, everything you've accomplished. You've been through so much, and you are better than ever. You have a fabulous man, high-class career, millions of people who love you. The day I just spent as you -- it was the most incredible day of my life!

Erica: But you still haven't answered the most basic question. Who are you?

Jane: Erica, isn't that obvious? I'm your biggest fan.

Jane: I knew it. I knew you were after Jackson.

Krystal: Could you just take it down a notch?

Jane: You haven't begun to see my notches yet. You are such a pathetic vulture.

Krystal: Welcome back, Erica.

Jane: Did you really think I wouldn't find out that you swooped down on my fiancé when his defenses were down?

Krystal: That is not what happened.

Jane: Oh, save it, Krystal -- whatever your name is. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Do you really think you're any match for Erica Kane?

Jane: Throwing yourself at Jack? How pathetic are you?

Krystal: I understand you're angry, Erica. I do.

Jane: Oh, you have been trying to sink your cheap, fake little nails into Jackson for months. And did you really think that you could compete with Erica Kane?

Krystal: That was never my intention.

Jane: I am a woman who has been loved and adored by men all over the world, and none more important than Jackson. And for me to think of you having your paws on Jack? That is just revolting.

Krystal: Ok. Look, I'm sorry you were kidnapped. But Jack was hurt, and he was confused. Come on. You strung him along for months. You refused to commit. He thought you left him at the altar. Can you blame him?

Jane: I would never blame Jack. I blame you. Actually, I pity you. Here you are. You're stuck in your dull little life, while I, Erica Kane -- I have a fabulous life. The jealousy must be eating you up inside.

Krystal: Yeah. It is, yeah. In fact, it's really too much. I better get back to work.

Jane: Yeah, you do that. You go back to your dirty little dishes, and I will go back to my fabulous, glamorous life. But before I do -- oh, how can I put this so your little pea brain can comprehend this? You stay away from my man.

Jack: Ok, and that's enough. You had to get that off your chest? Ok, you're done. Now, did you have your fun?

Jane: I really did.

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