All My Children Best Lines Monday 5/9/11


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Cara: Perfection. I mean, amazing, right? Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, but not soggy, never, never soggy.

Tad: Cara --

Cara: Now, how did they get the color? Because this looks like a golden brown with a hint of reddish. I'm thinking maybe it's the Cajun spi --

Tad: Shut up. Shut up. Stop. Just be quiet. Shut up. It's a fried tuber vegetable. Big -- who gives a rat's --

Cara: Anger? Stress?

Tad: No, no, no. I just -- sweetest, I'm sorry.

Cara: Breathe.

Tad: Do the words "stir crazy" mean anything to you? I know I'm going on a limb here, but since you lost your job at the hospital, seems like you got a little too much time on your hands.

Cara: Because I'm analyzing a fantastic potato?

Tad: No. Because you alphabetized the spice rack in the kitchen, which is why -- and don't be angry, ok -- I was gonna wait to tell you at home, but I sort of got you a job offer at the free clinic.

Cara: Really?

Tad: Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. You can start tomorrow if you want. I mean, they're psyched. I told them you were available. They were all over it. I mean, I know it's not as exciting as banging around the E.R., but you'd be doing what you're best at. While you're doing it, hopefully, you wouldn't be analyzing French fries.

Cara: Thank you. You really are the world's best hubby. Thanks.

Griffin: I think Zach would understand why you're doing what you're doing. I think he'd be proud of you, so be proud of yourself. Not many women would go this far to honor the man they love. You have a beautiful heart.

Kendall: You ought to know. You're the reason it's still ticking.

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