All My Children Best Lines Friday 5/6/11


Provided By Eva

Jack: Do you not smell that?

Bianca: Smell what?

Jack: Your mother's perfume. It's like she's here.

Bianca: What can I do to make this easier for you? You know what, why don't you go? I will get your things. Tell me where they are.

Jack: Binks, Binks, I'm good. I can do this, ok? It's just like a band-aid. You just rip it off.

Bianca: You must have some things in the closet.

Jack: Don't bother, binky. You won't find any of my clothes in that closet. It's all Erica's.

Bianca: This and the giant walk-in?

Jack: Don't tell me you're surprised. I actually keep my suits and dress shirts in a closet down the hall there.

Bianca: So what else do you need in here?

Jack: I'm just gonna check in here.

Bianca: Jack.

Jack: I gotta tell you, I thought we had overcome all our issues and we finally understood one another. I actually thought we were going to make it this time. Good God, was I really that blind?

Bianca: No. No. Come on, let's get the rest of your things and get out of here, ok?

Jack: Yeah.

[Door closes)

Kendall: Ok. Oh, my God. Are you ok? Are you all right? Sorry.

Griffin: That's nice. Nice move. Who taught you that?

Kendall: Some nosy, overbearing doctor. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your wound.

Griffin: I'll live.

Kendall: Yeah, ok. Should I call Cara? Do you need stitches?

Griffin: No. It's fine. It's just a little sensitive.

Kendall: All right, Griffin, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to really hurt you. I wanted you out of my way.

Griffin: So you could go to some murderer's hotel room.

Kendall: Not just a murderer. A murderer who's in love with me.

Griffin: Oh, that makes it better.

Kendall: I can control Ricky, ok? And Ryan will have his guys trailing me.

Griffin: Once he closes that door, we won't have any access.

Kendall: Fine. All right. I'll bring somebody. What?

Griffin: Just savoring the moment. You're giving in. Doesn't happen often.

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