All My Children Best Lines Thursday 5/5/11


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Madison: Just thought I'd be alone for a while after Ryan. Knocked up with his baby. There's no box to check for that in online dating profiles.

Scott: That's why I stay off those sites. Because that is exactly my type.

Madison: Can we just stay here forever, not leave this apartment?

Scott: Here? No, no, no. I've got big plans.

Madison: You are rebuilding your father's house.

Scott: Yes, yes, and we are having a baby. I mean, you are having a baby with Ryan.

Madison: You'll be there when she's born.

Scott: Right by your side.

Madison: And then you'll stick around for a bit?

Scott: I would love to.

Scott: You know what I think we need to do? Celebrate. We'll camp out in bed, and we'll order some Chinese.

Madison: Can we afford takeout?

Scott: I think I can afford takeout. Tonight, we eat like kings -- or emperors. Then tomorrow, it's back to reality.

Madison: Oh, back to fusion. Ryan's probably confronted Greenlee, and she'll take it out on me.

Scott: Yeah, well, she better not mess with my woman.

Madison: Your woman, huh?

Scott: Yeah.

Madison: The way Greenlee went behind Ryan's back like that. This is a man that she supposedly loves. Life's getting difficult. If you're starting a life with somebody, you shouldn't lie to them.

David: Hard liquor. I thought tonight would be reserved for something with bubbles.

Greenlee: Leave, David.

David: Did you send Lavery on his merry way as well? The man almost clipped me in his car racing out of the parking lot.

Greenlee: Well, he must not have seen you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have missed.

David: This is obviously not the night you had planned.

Greenlee: You're not very good at not gloating, are you?

David: I want you to be happy, Greenlee. Yes, it's true, you and I may differ as to who the right man for the job is, but I never want to see you hurting.

Greenlee: No. No, you don't.

David: I think it would be obvious to you by now that Lavery will never love you for who you really are.

Greenlee: Right now, I wouldn't blame him if he hated me.

David: Now, what could you possibly have done to Lavery to ever make that happen?

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