All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 4/26/11


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Tad: I'd love to see this. What are you gonna do for your next trick? You pulled a fire alarm in a hospital. You drugged a uniformed police officer.

Cara: Yeah, and you know what? You should not have taken the rap for that, I must say.

Tad: Why not? I promised your brother I was gonna protect you, and that's a promise I'm gonna keep -- whether it kills you or not.

Cara: Whether it kills you or not.

Tad: It just might.

Tad: I'm sorry. I overreacted. Here, I got an idea. Ok, you just put your head back, close your eyes. Take a deep breath, let it out.

Cara: Nope.

Tad: You haven't tried it yet.

Cara: I just tried it.

Tad: Wait, wait. This works like a charm when I try to tuck in Kathy and Jenny at night, ok?

Cara: Ok.

Tad: Eyes closed?

Cara: Eyes are closed.

Tad: Deep breath --

Cara: Again.

Tad: Let it out. [Singing] Go to sleep, my sugarplum -- your eyes are weary.

Cara: Oh, my God. In front of children, Tad?

Tad: Yeah. I'm telling you, it works like gangbusters. Five minutes of that, they can't wait to get unconscious.

Cara: That I get. Ha ha ha!

[Phone rings]

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