All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 4/19/11


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Griffin: I've had a lot of time to think in this place--you telling the cops what I told you in confidence, you believing that I'm a murderer...

Kendall: Griffin --

Griffin: Given the evidence against me, it makes sense why you believe what you believe.

Cara: What are you saying?

Griffin: I'm just trying to look at it from Kendall's point of view.

Cara: You're gonna give her a pass?

Griffin: Come on, Cara. Even you have to admit that the evidence against me is pretty strong.

Cara: I know you didn't kill that woman, Griff.

Griffin: That's because you know me. Not everybody does.

Cara: Whew. It might interest you to know that your sister was just here asking for griffin's resignation.

Kendall: Resignation?

Cara: The Miranda Center was at risk, so he had to go. He dedicated his life to this. It was his dream. Actually, it was your husband's dream, too, right? So he could lose his license, his freedom. What more could you possibly want from him?

Griffin: Stop it. All right? I've said what I've had to say. Now it's your turn.

Kendall: I'm sorry. Uh, I'll just deal with this on my own.

Griffin: Then we're finished here.

Kendall: I'm sorry.

Cara: What?

Griffin: Florence Nightingale died a hundred years ago.

Cara: I'm making sure you're ok.

Griffin: Oh, I know. You've been in and out of here for hours changing my fluids, checking the monitors -- caracita? You're exhausted. Go home. Give yourself some rest. I'll be fine.

Cara: I'm not going anywhere, ok?

Bianca: Griffin. How are you feeling?

Griffin: Apparently I'll survive. They should've hired a more competent assassin.

Cara: He's not really up for this--

Griffin: It's ok, Cara. Bianca's here to see how I'm doing -- and to see if the charges against me are true. That's why you're here, isn't it, to ask me if I killed that woman? The answer is no, I didn't.

Cara: He was falsely accused, falsely charged, and your sister helped make that happen.

Kendall: "Sweetheart." That's what you called me in your last letter, Zach, only you have never called me that ever. You would never use that expression. I don't know. Maybe I'm making too much of the whole thing. It's so silly. A lot of people use that expression, and Ricky has been so amazing. But when he used that word, Zach, it just sent chills right through me. There's no one else I can talk to about this. I can't risk doing to Ricky what I did to Griffin -- arrested and stabbed. It's crazy. But he was keeping things from me.

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