All My Children Best Lines Thursday 4/14/11


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Greenlee: Remember the last time we were at a wedding, I was marrying your dad. Remember how much fun it was picking out your flower girl dress, practicing walking down the aisle -- in my case, limping.

Emma: I remember. Do you want to know what else I remember?

Greenlee: What?

Emma: That as soon as you saw Daddy, you didn't care about me.

Greenlee: That's not true.

Emma: Yes, it is. You didn't know Mommy was there, not until too late, and I was gone.

Greenlee: Emma?

Emma: I remember everything.

Marissa: Bye, ladies!

Bianca: We'll play later.

Marissa: Oh, God, that was definitely worth every agonizing minute of that bar exam.

Bianca: Yeah, I don't know what to say. You came all this way for me.

Marissa: Yeah, and to see the smiles on those girls' faces and on yours. Plus, it is St. Barts, after all. There's a little bit of me in there. God knows I could use some time off to relax and to think.

Bianca: Let me guess -- J.R. Did something happen with you guys?

Marissa: We kissed.

Bianca: Huh.

Marissa: What does that mean? "Huh"?

Bianca: Just the way you said it. "We kissed." That's very different from "he kissed me."

Marissa: I would like to say that it was one-sided. No, no, I would kill to say that it was one-sided, but uh-uh. No, my lips were moving towards his as quick as his were moving towards mine.

Bianca: And then?

Marissa: "And then?"

Bianca: Did your lips keep on moving, or did they go in reverse?

Marissa: Heh! No. We were interrupted, thank God. If we weren't --

Bianca: Drink?

Marissa: Yes, please.

Bianca: Mm-hmm. Ok.

Marissa: All right.

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