All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 4/6/11


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Griffin: She's taking Reverend Dimples with her.

Tad: Reverend Dimples? That's amazing. That's exactly what I call him. What do you want to bet that guy's congregation is 90% women?

Griffin: I don't like him. But he's protective of Kendall, so -- will you do me a favor? Will you check out her plane before she takes off?

Tad: I knew you'd say that. I'm already working on it. I want you to be honest. Admit it. There's a little part of you that's bent out of shape, because she's taking Reverend Dimples and not you --

Griffin: I could've gone. I could've gone. I turned her down.

Tad: Why?

Griffin: That's great. My sister's enlisted you, too.

Tad: Enlist me in what?

Griffin: Cara's got it in her mind that Kendall and I have something going on, which is crazy. That's wrong. She was my patient. And now we're friends, ok? Just friends, and Cara needs to accept that.

Tad: I understand. Loud and clear. Preaching to the choir. Friends works for me and your sister. None of that relationship drama in the way. Makes for a nice marriage.

Griffin: Great. Great. Maybe you can explain that to your wife.

Tad: I will try. But you have to admit, you're a little more than Kendall's friend.

Griffin: Yeah. I'm her doctor.

Tad: And self-appointed bodyguard.

J.R.: That's what today is about. It's about remembering how good things can be and how bad. You know that better than anyone, Bianca.

Bianca: I hope that J.R. is gone. I really want to believe that he is.

J.R.: He is. I may have stopped drinking before I met you, but I didn't start living until I fell in love with you. And when the cancer got me -- you taught me how to live and how to fight and how to win. And because of that, I am eternally grateful. That's why it would mean so much for me to have you at this meeting.

Marissa: We have amazing memories. But that's what they are, J.R. They belong in the past. It's time to move on. For both of us.

J.R.: Can we have this conversation in private?

Marissa: No. Bianca does not have to leave.

J.R.: Are you afraid to be alone with me?

Marissa: I am hardly afraid to be alone with you.

J.R.: Then you wouldn't mind if I sat a little closer.

Marissa: What are you doing?

J.R.: You smell so good. Doesn't Marissa always smell so good?

Marissa: Oh, my God. You are really pushing it.

J.R.: No. Pushing it would be if I was trying to kiss you.

Marissa: Ha ha ha! Bianca and I have work to do, and I really need to get back to it. I am thrilled about your two-year anniversary. I'm sure you're gonna have dozens more. But you're just gonna have to find somebody else to celebrate with.

J.R.: All right. But I meant everything that I said. Without you I wouldn't be sober and definitely wouldn't have the rest of my life to be looking forward to.

Bianca: Ok, he was even getting to me.

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