All My Children Best Lines Friday 3/25/11


Provided By Eva

Ricky: She's here.

Diana: Sold, to the widow who doesn't mind a drug-dealing doctor. Bravo, Ricky. Bravo.

Madison: Ok, how did you know I wasn't sleeping?

Scott: Um -- your face was not doing the contorting thing that it usually does.

Madison: What?

Scott: I'm kidding. But you do do this funny breathing thing. You do.

Madison: Show me.

Scott: You want me to demonstrate?

Madison: Mm-hmm.

Scott: It's like, um --

Madison: Yeah. Ok. Whatever. It's not as funny as what you do when you're sleeping.

Scott: Wait a minute. I am the picture of peace.

Madison: Yeah. When you're not yapping up a storm, maybe.

Scott: Whoa! Wait a minute. I do not talk in my sleep.

Madison: Yes, yes, you do -- right before you doze off. Last night you were like, "Peace out, Scotty C. I'll see you on the flip side."

Scott: Wait a minute. Ok, so I not only talk in my sleep, but I sound like a fool while I'm talking to myself in my sleep?

Madison: Yes. Yes.

Scott: I had no idea I did that. No.

Madison: I guess we're both weirdos, huh?

Scott: At least we're weirdos together. So you waited up.

Madison: You came home early.

Scott: I guess this is where I wanted to be.

Ryan: We're gonna get through this. We are. You, me, Emma, and spike -- one big, happy family.

Greenlee: Maybe we should get a dog.

Ryan: Or a pony. You actually -- you had your own pony?

Greenlee: Yeah. Freckles. He was awesome. He would start galloping in circles every time he saw me coming.

Ryan: He would, huh? Wow. Emma asked for one every Christmas. Maybe she'll get lucky.

Greenlee: She already is.

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