All My Children Best Lines Thursday 3/17/11


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Scott: I don't know. Look at us turning down offers -- Chandler Mansion, casino penthouse -- because we want to stay at this dump that has creaky floors and clanging pipes.

Madison: Yeah. Well, it's our dump, and why can't everyone just back off, anyway?

Scott: Right? Just back off. Of course, by everyone, you mean Ryan.

Madison: Something about the way he made that offer just really bugged me, you know, like this is cute and everything. When I'm done fooling around here, he'll take over.

Scott: Right, right. Sounds like J.R., so dang patronizing.

Madison: Feel like they can tell us how to live our lives. Why, because they're rich, powerful? Where do they get off?

Scott: Right. Been there. Done that. Like we've never walked in their shoes. Come on.

Madison: Fabulously expensive shoes.

Scott: Yeah. In fact -- you know what? Next time, I'm gonna keep the shoes. I'm not gonna steal anything that forces me to lose my inheritance paying restitution.

Madison: Good plan.

Scott: Good plan, but you are in a different spot.

Madison: Yeah. Yeah. You're right.

[Clang clang]

Scott: The pipes. See? They think so.

Madison: Ha! Ok. So it's not a mansion or penthouse, but you know what? I feel richer then I've ever felt in my life because I'm free.

Scott: Hmm.

[Cell phone rings

Cara: What your family has done for me, it's incredible. You sacrificed enough. I can't let Tad be separated from his children. I can't drive you out of your own home.

Krystal: And we can't stay. It's too dangerous. It's too confusing for the girls, and it's too dangerous for you.

Cara: Ok. Look. When I was 8 years old, my dad took off, all right, and my mother, she was devastated, but she found this way to go on. Ok. It was uncomfortable with the neighbors. They were judging her. She saw the looks and stuff, but you know what? It didn't matter, because we were still a family without him.

Krystal: I have spent my whole life not giving a damn what the nosy neighbors felt about me, but this is bigger than that, Cara. This is the United States government. This is two women, one husband. That ain't gonna fly.

Cara: Look. I am not saying this is gonna be easy, ok? It's just not impossible, and I promise you, Krystal, I will do everything in my power to help you and your children.

Krystal: And you really think that you can sell this situation? You can sell us as is to the Feds?

Cara: Look. I've spent most of my adult life chasing the action, looking for the next rush, and I can honestly tell you to date that I am happy to be grounded, that I'm happy that I don't have to catch a flight or I have to unpack my bags. I actually love waking up and knowing where I am surrounded by a wonderful and loving family. Immigration will believe me when I say that this is what I want because -- you know what? It's the truth.

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