All My Children Best Lines Monday 3/14/11


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Jake: Can we not do that? Can we not sit around like a happy family watching a wedding video over brunch and pretend everything's hunky dory? Can we not do that, please?

Tad: No. No, that's exactly what we have to do. That's why we're here. Jake, come on. There's two guys from Immigration parked outside my front door. Our dory needs to be hunky. Let's not forget, Trumbull's waiting for the smallest slip-up, any indication that Cara and I aren't really husband and wife, this whole thing is fake. Frankly, she's still --

Jake: Still what?

Tad: Never mind.

Jake: What were you gonna say?

Tad: No, it doesn't matter.

Jake: She's still in love with me? Is that what you were gonna say

Cara: Jake and I are long over, Amanda. You know that.

Amanda: Right. You gave him back the ring. Poof! No more feelings.

Cara: You know what, if you're worried, why don't you just pick up the phone again? Try the CIA this time.

Amanda: Ok. So maybe being family is not at the top of my list either, but this is where we are. Tad is making a huge sacrifice for you, so we have to deal.

Cara: Deal?

Amanda: You remember when you came into town? You knew exactly who I was, but you didn't introduce yourself.

Cara: Yeah, I guess I should have.

Amanda: You were asking questions, trying to get information about Jake, our life, and then you were saying you were over Jake. I find out the whole time you were wearing your ring around your neck. So I have some trust issues, too.

Cara: I didn't blow up your life, Amanda!

Amanda: Not that you could have.

Cara: Not that I tried!

Amanda: My life hasn't been the same since you came to town, neither has my marriage.

Cara: I'm sorry about that.

Amanda: I messed up, and I've apologized.

Cara: And I hear that, ok, but that doesn't change the fact that you put my life in danger.

Amanda: It doesn't, but I am ready to do whatever it takes to play happy family to keep you safe. Are you? Are you gonna be able to get past what I did?

Tad: I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Amanda: Why? Isn't that what this family is all about? Honesty? Telling the truth? Putting it all out there? Is there anything else you want to say to me, 'cause you could say it now to my face?

Tad: Cara needs your help, and so do I. I personally don't care if you're not BFFs or if you're ever gonna be, but I need you onboard with this, ok? 'Cause it's not just her life that's on the line, it's mine.

Amanda: I am onboard with this. What is it gonna take to prove that?

Tad: Well, for one thing, you could have shown up at the wedding. That would have been great.

Amanda: I was really upset, and I didn't want to accidentally ruin things again.

Jake: Listen, this is hard on everybody.

Amanda: I am so damn tired of hearing that from everyone, how we all need to work together to make it work, and yet I get reamed every time I put forth the effort, because I messed up, and no one is ever gonna let me forget that.

Tad: It's not all your fault.

Amanda: No. No, it's not. I'm not the one who entered the country illegally, who used a fake name, a fake passport, pissed off some dangerous drug dealer. That wasn't me. But I made a mistake, and I've said I'm sorry over and over and over again. What I did was stupid and mean and -- and I'm not stupid and mean.

Jake: Baby, nobody thinks you're stupid. They don't think that. I don't think that.

Amanda: But you act like that. You don't trust anything I say or do. You worry about it, and you treat me as if I'm gonna break. Well, guess what. Done. Broken. I have learned my lesson!

Jake: Nobody's trying to hurt you. Promise.

Amanda: Really? Because nothing huts more than knowing you don't forgive me

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