All My Children Best Lines Friday 3/11/11


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Madison: I'm fine. They don't tell you how bad heartburn can be when you're pregnant. Remember that time we went for Mexican food and you ate that habañero pepper?

Ryan: Yeah. What did Emma say? She said that I was gonna get "heart hurt" if I kept eating it.

Madison: Yes. She laughed so hard at that face you were making. That silly giggle. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to --

Ryan: No, no. It's fine. It's that laugh that keeps me going right now. It's interesting as a dad. It's really those simple things that become so incredibly precious. Well, you're gonna find out for yourself soon enough.

Madison: I should go.

Ryan: Hey, Madison, don't go. Not yet.

Jake: You know what you do in that case? You pick up the phone. You get in line like everybody else. You make a phone call. Call me, but you don't break into the system. That is a violation of policy. That is instant termination.

Scott: Ok, listen, Jake. All I was doing was helping Madison here. That's all I was gonna do. Never -- you know how hard I've been working around here. I streamlined the I.T. department, right? I plugged holes in the security system.

Jake: Obviously not the holes related to sonogram scheduling. That's not funny. Don't do it again. I know you did it. I'm letting you off with a warning this time. Next time --

Scott: There is no next time. I got it. Thanks.

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: I love when you're all bossish. Sounds like Scott got a second chance on something. Well, you got another one handy? You could use it after last night. Forgive me?

Griffin: He's not the one you should be apologizing to

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