All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 3/8/11


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Jake's voice: Cara, I vow to love, honor, cherish, respect, and hopefully make you laugh for the rest of our lives. With this ring, I thee wed. Oh, and I also promise to learn how to make tamales. Am I allowed to say that? I guess I just did.

Kendall: Hi.

Cara: Hi.

Kendall: Did you spend the night down here?

Cara: Yeah. I -- ahem -- I woke up around 3:00, and then I came down to put the TV on. Was that ok?

Kendall: Are you ok?

Cara: Yeah. I'm great. It's my big day.

Cara: Yay! It's for my fake wedding. No, you shouldn't have.

Kendall: I wanted to. I wanted to. Please, open it.

Cara: It's beautiful.

Kendall: Zach gave it to me before our family left for a few months on our yacht.

Cara: That sounds romantic.

Kendall: It was. Anyway, it's supposed to bring you safe travels. And I know that you're not going anywhere, but I know those seas of marriage can be kind of rough. So --

Cara: You know what? You barely know me. I can't take this.

Kendall: Barely know you? No. Excuse me. Hi. You're living here. You're taking my pulse twice a day. You're tripping over my boys' lunch boxes. So please, please take it.

Cara: Thank you. I have a feeling I'm gonna need it

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