All My Children Best Lines Friday 3/4/11


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Griffin: Ok. You're the expert. Tell me what I'm missing.

Kendall: You still wouldn't understand.

Griffin: I'm a quick study. Humor me.

Kendall: Ok. What Zach and I had. You know that cliché about people finishing each other's sentences?

Griffin: You're one of those?

Kendall: It was more than that. I would be thinking about him, and the phone would ring, and it would be Zach thinking about me. Or he'd plan a trip somewhere, and I'd surprise him with tickets to the exact same place. He could get inside my crazy, all-over-the-place thoughts, and I could get inside his dark, complex ones. We saved each other's lives, but not in the way that you do. We did it by letting the other person in, totally in. We knew each other so deeply and so intimately. So if there's something telling me that there's something that I need to find out --

Griffin: The letter?

Kendall: Yes. Every instinct in me is screaming that there's a message in it for me, and I have to find out what it is, and I will. I owe him that. I owe our love.

Jake: Actually, I was thinking Cara's mom is a sweet, sweet lady.

Tad: Yeah. A peach. Wonder how you say "Steel Magnolias" in Spanish.

Jake: She's a tough cookie.

Tad: It didn't help we walked in on you two playing huggy bear. What was that about? Were you really congratulating Cara or was it something else?

Jake: No, it's Agent Trumbull. He cornered us, talking about how did I fall in love with her? When did we fall out of love? And I think it was just rough. I think it shook her up.

Tad: And you?

Jake: I'm fine. I'm not the one that hasn't let it go.

Tad: Man, are we in luck? This Agent Trumbull doesn't seem like he's the kind of guy who's just gonna let things go. And let's not forget we still got to deal with that whole Immigration fraud hearing thing.

Jake: We just can't slip up. Right? We can't do that, but we are gonna have to deal with Cara's mom.

Tad: No, she'll do that.

Jake: Who's gonna do that?

Tad: Cara. When I said "Steel Magnolias," I wasn't just talking about Mami.

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