All My Children Best Lines Thursday 3/3/11


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Cara: Jake and I broke up years ago, so --

Jake: Here's the thing. I don't think that our relationship or our past has anything to do with them, with Cara or Tad getting married.

Agent Trumbull: You don't see this is strange, really? Am I the only one who wouldn't imagine marrying their brother's ex-wife?

Jake: You don't know my brother very well, do you? He's a unique individual.

Agent Trumbull: I plan to get to know him real well.

Jake: I gave my blessing. Shouldn't that -- that's all that really matters. Why go digging around in the past?

Agent Trumbull: You know what? Here's the problem, all right? Unfortunately for you both, I'm the one holding the shovel. So when I say "dig," we dig. You dig?

Tad: You just missed her. Poor kid. I think her brand-new instant family is starting to feel a little suffocating. Is everything ok?

Griffin: No. Trouble's on its way, and she lands any minute.

Tad: "She"?

Griffin: My mother left a voice mail.

Tad: Your -- oh. As in my brand-new instant mother-in-law-to-be?

Griffin: She's flying in today.

Tad: It's ok. I can do this. Why not, you know? It's not my first rodeo. How do I look? Should I get a tie?

Griffin: Full body armor might help.

Tad: That bad?

Griffin: You ever been waterboarded?

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