All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 3/1/11


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Cara: I got it.

Tad: It's Dottie once, Hillary once, Brooke once, Krystal once, and Dixie three times.

Cara: Wow. And Dixie was three times? So you were either, what, a glutton or were you really in love?

Tad: A little of both. Actually, a lot of both. Dixie -- she was one of a kind.

Cara: "Was"?

Tad: Yeah. She passed away. She is Kathy's mother. She was the love of my life.

Cara: I'm sorry.

Tad: Don't be. I'm not. Actually, I still talk to her, if you want to know the truth, especially at night. And we had a star -- that's ridiculous. I'm not going to go into that. It sounds really, really weird.

Cara: Just because someone's not around, it doesn't mean you stop loving them.

Tad: I guess. I think for most women, if their intended told them they've been married so many times, they would've taken off for the hills.

Cara: Considering none of them was my sibling, it pretty much evens out the baggage. So -- yeah. Why don't you tell me about your children.

Tad: Gladly. There is Jamie, Damon, Kathy, Jenny, and J.R. I raised him, so as far as I'm concerned, he's mine. I think the most concise thing I could tell you about me is that I've made a lot of mistakes. A lot, but my children are definitely the better part of my soul. And there's not a day goes by that I don't thank God for them. As far as this place is concerned, it's drafty, it's old, but we love it. There aren't too many rules, except for one, which I think you should carve in stone, which is when it comes to the man cave, better to knock first, because you never know what's going on in there. Tag. You're it.

Cara: Whew! Um -- we should wait for the second date for that.

Erica: You are very busy. Your restaurant alone is a full-time job, and to make time to help Jack?

Krystal: I enjoy the law.

Erica: You enjoy Jack, too.

Krystal: Yes, I do.

Erica: You certainly do pop up everywhere. I mean, what was so urgent? Some notes? Phone calls? And yet you drove all the way over here. My goodness, I'm gonna make sure that Jack gives you a bonus.

Krystal: Erica, we're against the clock. And when Jack needs me, the only place I'm gonna be is right by his side. And lately these days, he's alone.

Erica: You trying to imply something about me?

Krystal: Oh. No. Please, no. I know how busy you are with Caleb.

Erica: With Cortlandt Electronics. And as I said, you are very busy -- barkeep, secretary, friend, faithful as a dog.

Krystal: Woof.

Erica: If it barks like a dog -- look, the thing is you have gone through all the men in Pine Valley you possibly can, and now I can see you have this sad little fantasy that maybe someday if you work really hard, you will be Mrs. Jackson Montgomery. You really need to give that up, because that is not gonna happen.

Krystal: My "run" through the men of Pine Valley isn't nearly as impressive as yours. Of course, you've had a head start. And you still have your track shoes on.

Erica: Jack and I are very happy.

Krystal: Oh. So you're just chasing Caleb all over town for the exercise?

Erica: Caleb and I run a multimillion-dollar company together. That is hardly the same relationship as you chasing Jack all over to deliver a brief or a message or whatever the heck you hope to deliver.

Krystal: I'm just doing my job.

Erica: No, you are desperate. And I understand, believe me. I feel for you. I'm sure the whole town feels sorry for you. To see Tad marry a lovely younger woman, a doctor? It can't be easy.

Krystal: I'm happy for Tad. And I would love to be just as happy for Jackson. But that man doesn't genuinely smile when he talks about you these days.

Erica: Maybe he doesn't smile because he's with you. Jack and I love each other very much, and I'm gonna be in his life, making sure that he grins from ear to ear.

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