All My Children Best Lines Friday 2/25/11


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Griffin: Madison, right?

Madison: Yeah. Good memory.

Griffin: You visited Kendall a lot when she was holed up in here, and I'm pretty good with names.

Madison: Female names or just names in general?

Griffin: Is there something I can help you with?

Madison: No. They told me to wait here, so I'm just waiting.

Griffin: "They"? Scary.

Madison: I'm signing up for the sleep study.

Griffin: Oh, yeah?

Madison: Oh! And since I have you here, I'm pregnant.

Griffin: Congratulations. It's not mine. I'd definitely remember that.

Madison: Are you always like this?

Griffin: Pretty much.

Madison: Ok. Listen, I talked to my O.B., who said that it's perfectly safe for me to do this study, but a second opinion never hurt.

Griffin: A colleague of mine is administering the study. It's 100% safe.

Madison: Really? That's just what I wanted to hear.

Griffin: So signing up for something like this, you must be a serious insomniac or in desperate need of some cash.

Madison: Lately, a little bit of both.

Griffin: Good luck.

Madison: Thanks.

Madison: Why would you be doing the study?

Scott: To help the advancement of modern medicine?

Madison: Try again.

Scott: I can't cover my rent and eat, and I likes to eat.

Madison: But your job here --

Scott: Yeah, it turns out I get paid monthly, and I got a little time until I get my next paycheck. So when I saw this opportunity to make a little extra cash, have a roof over my head, how could I resist?

Madison: Great minds, huh?

Scott: Great minds. One difference -- I'm not pregnant.

Madison: Are you sure?

Scott: Oh, my God, you're jabbing at my weight? Come on. Seriously, are you sure that this is safe for the baby?

Madison: I already spoke to two doctors, and they both told me that there is zero risk. Ok? Come on. They're paying me to sleep.

Scott: Oh! Ok, I would use that term loosely around here. Ok?

Madison: And that means?

Scott: It's the number one complaint, not enough sleep -- doctors, nurses, even the patients -- everyone really -- and I should know this because I'm the one who tallies up the surveys.

Madison: Ok, I've survived on negative sleep before.

Scott: Yes, but did you have a baby in your belly? I'm just -- think about it, all right? Because you got to lug all your stuff here to the hospital, right, and then a month later you got to lug all your stuff back. Then you're gonna be so much bigger, and it's gonna be awkward.

Madison: Thanks for the compliment.

Scott: I'm just saying that I --

Madison: I know what you're saying, but let's get serious, ok? Not only am I having an issue paying my rent, but I'm also drowning in medical bills, ok? So, seriously, what's my alternative?

Scott: Move in with me.

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