All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 2/8/11


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Cara: Hey, sit down. Sit. It's comfy on the floor. Ha ha!

Griffin: Oh. Ahh. So I don't think we'll ever top that, hmm?

Cara: Really? I thought it was a piece of cake.

Griffin: Oh.

Cara: Next time I do surgery, it's gonna be in a barrel.

Griffin: Oh.

Cara: Going over niagara falls.

Griffin: Nice, nice, but I'm gonna top that. How about if you're blindfolded?

Cara: Ho ho!

Griffin: But no worries. I'm gonna send you instructions via some form of mental telepathy.

Cara: Wow. That's very creative.

Griffin: Thank you.

Cara: You're welcome. [Griffin sighs]

Cara: I still can't believe it.

Griffin: Which part?

Cara: The part before the surgery. I overheard you tell promised her that she would pull through.

Griffin: If I hadn't, she wouldn't have pulled through.

Cara: I get it. I'm just surprised. I just never thought that dr. Griffin castillo would let a patient in.

Griffin: World-renowned dr. Griffin castillo.

Cara: You broke your rule, and you made it personal.

Griffin: I didn't have a choice.

Cara: You're officially involved.

Griffin: Unofficially in serious trouble.

Cara: So what's next?

Griffin: I don't know. A promise is a promise.


Jackson: You did this, didn't you? You called the governor, and you turned on that trademark erica kane charm, and you convinced him to set that bastard free.

Erica: Jack.

Jackson: No, no. I just want you to admit it. I just want to hear the words come out of your mouth.

Erica: Maybe we should do this in a private place.

Jackson: Oh, no. We're gonna do this right here, right now.

Erica: All right, yes, I called the governor.

Jackson: This...what's wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? This is hayward we're talking about. Hayward! I thought that we were on the same page about all this.

Erica: We were.

Jackson: But what the hell happened?

Erica: Things changed.

Jackson: Things? Things? That's the answer I get?

Erica: Right there, right now, that's what you get. I did what I had to do for my daughter, jack.

Jackson: Your daughter. What about my daughter?


Jackson: Did you consider for even one second the consequences?

Erica: Of course I did, jack, that's all I thought about.

Jackson: Because here's my daughter, here's greenlee, and she's on the verge of finally enjoying real peace with the man she loves.

Erica: How lucky for her.

Jackson: Oh, don't do that. Don't make this about zach. You know that greenlee went through the wringer because of hayward, but it was all over. No more looking over her shoulder. No more wondering when he was gonna make his next sadistic move. She was finally rid of him. She's not now. And she may never be because of you.

Erica: I don't know what to say.

Jackson: I tell you what I'd like to hear. I'd like to hear that you understand what you've done.

Erica: Yes, I understand. Do you? I had no choice. David saved my daughter's life. I owed him.

Jackson: You owe him nothing! Look, I know you don't answer to anybody about anything, and I've always admired that about you. In fact, it's one of the things I love the most about you, but you've gone too far. You've crossed the line. You've put lives at risk, and you can't take that back. I mean, not that you would even if you could because, what the hell, you got what you wanted. Oh, that's right. You had no choice. Let me tell you something. We always have a choice.

Erica: No, I did not. I had to make a decision in that moment to save my daughter's life, and that's what I did.

Jackson: You had no one to turn to. You could have turned to me. You could have talked to me right from the very beginning instead of going behind closed doors in the shuttered room and making a deal with the devil and the rest of us just go to hell!

Erica: Kendall was in danger, j-jack.

Jackson: Well, now we're all in danger, erica, every last one of us because of you.

Erica: Jack, please don't go. Please wait. I know that we can work this out. I know that we can. Please. Please don't leave. Please, jack. Not tonight. Please. It's been so difficult.

Jackson: What's the matter with me? The past couple of minutes haven't been about you. Let's get back on track.

Erica: Oh, come on, jack. Don't be like that.

Jackson: You know what kills me? What absolutely galls me about all this? Here you are, this woman strong enough to make this momentous decision that affects all of our lives, but now you need a shoulder to cry on.

Erica: I need you.

Jackson: You have a funny way of showing it. But it ain't no worry. You need a shoulder? You got the mountain man there. He looks eager.

Jackson: I'm done.

Erica: Don'T.

Caleb: Dorothy.

Erica: I said don'T.

Bianca: Let her go.

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