All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 2/2/11


Provided By Eva

Bianca: Pretty flowers! I'll just...

Scott: Ok.

Madison: What was that?

Scott: What? I thought all women loved flowers.

Madison: I don't mean the flowers. I mean the delivery. What was that?

Scott: What was that? That was me buying you a little extra time before you unveiled... yeah.

Madison: You saw that?

Scott: Saw that. The button? It almost hit me in the eye, took it out. I'm kidding. You're fine.

Madison: I know I should be in maternity clothes, but I'm just not ready. I can't believe how fat I'm getting.

Scott: Come on, you're not fat. You're just a little fat. I'm totally kidding! You are pregnant, ok? This is what's supposed to happen.

Madison: Oh, am I supposed to be eating an entire pizza for dinner and a half a pint of ice cream? A whole pint of ice cream? I can't stop myself.

Scott: Look, this is normal, isn't it?

Madison: You don't understand. I have a different craving every 5 minutes.

Scott: Really?

Madison: This morning, it was chocolate-covered pretzels and then olives. I was about to microwave some Mac and cheese when I busted out of my pants.

Scott: Oh, mac and cheese. You know who makes great mac and cheese? ConFusion. I'll go get some.

Madison: No, don't. Please.

Scott: No, it's fine. I'm gonna head over there anyway 'cause it's happy hour--free appetizers, all you can eat. It's a fantastic--

Madison: Don't tell me that.

Scott: Listen to me. You are fine, ok? You look fine. And I will be right back.

Madison: Thank you. Oh, Scott!

Scott: Yeah?

Madison: Maybe if they have some of those little pigs in a blanket...

Scott: Of course.

Madison: You didn't have to run out like that.

Bianca: I don't even work here anymore. I was just picking up donated makeup for the Miranda center. So...Scott?

Madison: He's a great guy.

Bianca: But he's not Ryan? Oh, it can't be easy. Your boss with the man you used to date.

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