All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 1/25/11


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Colby: He's the first guy that's ever treated me like this, like he really knows me, like, in the inside. To him, I am not just some girl to go party with or Adam Chandler's precious little daughter.

Liza: Just because he's the first guy to make you feel like that, it doesn't mean he's going to be the last.

Colby: One thing you should know about Adam Chandler's daughter is she doesn't give up without a fight.

Liza: What are you gonna do?

Colby: Surprise him. I got a room for us in New York where we first, uh -- where we first really got to know one another. So we're gonna stay there and work things out

Annie: Wow. I didn't mean to hit a nerve. I was just trying to be pleasant.

Marissa: Every time I turn around these days, you're there, Annie. What's up with that?

Annie: Gee, I don't know, Marissa. Maybe because you like to spend time at the mansion, spending time with A.J., and I'm at the mansion often because J.R. likes to do some business out of the house. Yeah. So is it really that mysterious that we may bump into each other from time to time?

Marissa: No. Except that I don't think it's just business that's bringing you there.

Annie: Then your imagination's in overdrive.

Marissa: And I'm starting to get concerned about all the time that you're spending in the same house that my son is living in.

Annie: You think I'm a threat to A.J.?

Marissa: I think that bad things happen when you're around.

Annie: Oh. Bad things, huh?

Marissa: Would you like me to make a list? We could call Scott or Adam, Ryan --

Annie: You don't get to talk to me like that.

Marissa: Oh, yes, I do because you destroyed my marriage. I'm never letting you get the jump on me again.

Annie: I can do whatever I want!

Marissa: Why don't you get a life -- away from J.R. and especially away from my son?

Annie: Do not tell me how to live my life, you little -- oh, you are a sneaky one, aren't you? Trying to get under my skin, trying to get me to do something stupid? You're trying to get rid of me, aren't you? Because you want to have everything.

J.R.: I haven't even divorced my wife yet. For me to get to the point to say that "I love you -- " I haven't even caught my breath yet.

Tad: Yeah.

J.R.: The company -- it's hanging on by a thread. The family -- you said it yourself. This situation with Colby and Damon, and A.J., who comes first -- so, no. I can't say that I love Annie.

Tad: Thank God you're thinking straight. J.R., you got so much on your plate. I'd hate to see you go spinning off into something you'll regret.

J.R.: It's all gonna work out, Tad. I understand Annie.

Tad: I sure hope so. Because I just had to say good-bye to a son that I barely got a chance to know. Jamie's on the other side of the world. It would kill me inside if I thought the only son I have left is about to make the mistake of his life.

J.R.: Annie's not the ticking time bomb that you're making her out to be.

Tad: You're the one that called her "wild and unpredictable." If it was me, I'd keep my eye on her. I'd let her know exactly where I stood at all times, or I'd start hiding the cutlery.

J.R.: Oh, Scott. Turn that frown upside down, pal. What's the matter? You miss me? I thought you said you were done with this house.

Scott: You really can't help yourself, can you?

J.R.: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Scott: It's one thing to put my stuff in storage, but you didn't keep up with the payments and the company sold off all my stuff.

J.R.: Ohh. That's a bummer. Must've been an accounting oversight at Chandler. We really have been short-handed ever since you brought that lawsuit on that gutted the place.

Scott: You are loving this. Whatever revenge you can get, you're gonna take, huh?

J.R.: Look, Scott, I am really sorry that you lost your favorite tie and your electric toothbrush. I really am, and I'd be glad to write you a check to replace your things.

Scott: No, I don't want anything from you.

J.R.: Then what are you doing here?

Scott: It seems you missed a box, J.R. -- of my mother's out in the gatehouse. I just put it in my car, but it belonged to her, just in case you're gonna try and get security to stop me.

J.R.: I wouldn't dare think of keeping you from getting out of here as fast as you possibly can.

Scott: Then I have all I need. I got my dad's painting, my mother's things -- all that matters, all that means anything. Look at you, J.R. Come on. You got this house. You got everything in it! It's worth a mint, yet it's empty, just like you. You really are the poorest son of a bitch I've ever known.

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