All My Children Best Lines Friday 1/21/11


Provided By Eva

Madison: Hey.

Scott: Oh. Hi.

Madison: I'm trying to get in with the ob that's always running late. By the time I get in there, I'll be ready to give birth.

Scott: Do you realize that they have me sitting out here?

Madison: This is your first day of work.

Scott: Yes, yes. Yes, it is.

Madison: So?

Scott: I'm a data entry clerk.

Madison: Data entry clerk? That sounds --

Scott: Yes, I know how that sounds.

Madison: I think it's pretty cool.

Scott: Oh, really? Which part?

Madison: You were on top of the world and you made a mistake, right, but you owned up to it. Now you're trying to get your life back on track. It's not a dream job, but here you are making the most of it.

Madison: Growing up with money can be good, not so good if you suddenly find yourself with none.

Scott: Is that what happened to you?

Madison: My father went to prison. My husband -- I had to start over from scratch, you know? I got a job as a cocktail waitress at the casino where I gambled away all of my money.

Scott: But you ended up at fusion.

Madison: Doing pretty much what you're doing right now.

Scott: Oh, really? In that case, I bet you don't know what an inpatient perspective payment system is.

Madison: Ooh, stop. You're turning me on.

Scott: I'm turning you on? Wait till you see my hospital I.D., Because that's --

Madison: Can't wait.

Scott: You're lucky you're pregnant already, because there would be trouble if you were not. That was just so wrong and rude and insensitive. I apologize.

Madison: No, no. It was funny.

Scott: I guess prison didn't do much for my social skills.

Madison: I think they're fine. I think this could be good for you, this job. You never know where the possibilities might take you. Show me your office?

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