All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 1/18/11


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Jake: Your daughter's fine. She's got a run-of-the-mill cold.

Mr. Winslow: Maybe I wasn't clear when we came into the E.R. Our daughter has cancer. Leukemia.

Jake: Your daughter is in remission --

Mrs. Winslow: Her immune system is still very weak.

Jake: We ran a battery of tests. She's good. She's great. You can take her home.

Mr. Winslow: If you don't put her in some kind of isolation, I will. And if that means never letting her leave the house, putting her in a plastic bubble, we'll do it to protect our child.

Jake: You can protect your child, Mr. Winslow, and she can lead a normal life at the same time.

Mr. Winslow: Our daughter isn't normal. Being sick makes her different from the other kids. She can't do what they do, not anymore.

Cara: Don't say that. Don't take away her hope.

Cara: She is a child. She's not a piece of glass.

Mr. Winslow: You don't know our daughter.

Jake: Why don't we all --

Mr. Winslow: And we didn't ask for your opinion.

Cara: You want to know the fastest way to bring your daughter's cancer back? Keep her a prisoner. Say no to everything. Take away her spirit. Crush her dreams.

Mrs. Winslow: How dare you!

Cara: Your fear will kill her hope, and that is a tragedy because she can beat this. I know she can!

Griffin: What's going on?

Cara: I'm just trying to tell these people how wrong they are about their daughter 'cause she's got cancer.

Griffin: May I speak to you in private, please?

Cara: No, no! The last thing that your daughter needs is to be surrounded by people who are walking on eggshells, who are always whispering, who are waiting to hear the words. What she needs is encouragement, optimism!

Griffin: Come here.

Cara: Freedom! Get off, Griff!

Griffin: What are you doing?

Cara: I'm standing up for that little girl. Those people have no idea the harm that they're doing to her.

Griffin: Those people are her parents.

Cara: They don't know what I know.

Griffin: You know you should be nowhere near that case.

Jake: Hey, what is going on?

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