All My Children Best Lines Monday 1/17/11


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Kendall: Honestly, you guys, I don't understand how we can do this.

Erica: Well, it's a wedding, sweetheart. Heaven knows we've all had one.

Opal: Or 10.

Opal: I'm just wondering when you were planning on filling me in, that's all.

Erica: Filling you in on what?

Opal: This nonsense with you and Mountain Man.

Erica: Were you eavesdropping?

Opal: Maybe, but I have suspected that there was something brewing between the two of you for a while now. At first I thought it was harmless. You know, a watered- down mug of decaf. But now? I'm sensing heart-thumpin' triple espresso. So what'll it be? Triple espresso?

Erica: Very funny.

Opal: I wish it was.

Erica: Opal, I told you on the way over here. Bianca completely blew this Caleb thing out of proportion.

Opal: So you admit there is a thing.

Erica: No, I -- all right, maybe there is a little bit. I mean, but completely on his side. All right, look, maybe not completely on his side. I mean, he's very good looking. It's just -- it's 99% him and 1% me.

Opal: Look, I understand the appeal. I mean, Caleb, he is his own kind of hunk, isn't he? But I am always on team Jackson.

Erica: As am I. Always.

Opal: Good. So how far did your 1% let this go?

Erica: A kiss.

Opal: What? When?

Erica: Look, it was New Year's Eve. And Kendall had just been admitted into the hospital with pneumonia. So I was a wreck. I was emotional. I was so vulnerable.

Opal: Well, of all the ways to deal with stress, kissing Caleb Cortlandt isn't the one that jumps to mind.

Erica: Well, it's not as if we planned it, Opal. It just happened. For one split second, I just -- I lost myself. But it's ok, because now I'm back.

Griffin: Are you eating? Sleeping?

Kendall: Yes to the first part. People are dropping by all the time, bringing me tons of food, which I do appreciate. But do I look like a casserole kind of woman?

Griffin: No. And the second one?

Kendall: Sleep's been a little tougher. Ever since Zach died, I -- I can't turn my mind off. The nightmares don't help. What?

Griffin: What what?

Kendall: You were about to say something.

Griffin: I do that. Nervous tic. Cara told me that you've been sleeping on the couch.

Kendall: So?

Griffin: So maybe that's part of the problem.

Kendall: I check out, right?

Griffin: You check out.

Kendall: Great. Ok. So then we're good.

Griffin: No, I don't get it. Doctors with regular patients.

Kendall: Am I really that much of a problem?

Griffin: I'm just saying. I have to nag you to take care of yourself. Surgery is -- it's cleaner.

Kendall: Except for the whole cutting people open part.

Griffin: Yeah. I love that part.

Kendall: Shouldn't that be for me? Or, I don't know, some 5-year-old down the hall?

Griffin: You're very -- demanding. You know that?

Kendall: I've been told that. Yes.

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