All My Children Best Lines Friday 1/14/11


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Marissa: Scott!

Scott: Hey.

Marissa: Welcome home.

Scott: I don't think so.

Marissa: It is so great that you're free.

Scott: Yeah, well, I see some things have not changed. Marissa, why the heck are you back in this house?

Marissa: There was a break-in, and I got knocked unconscious. That's why I couldn't make it to your parole hearing.

Scott: Are you ok?

Marissa: Yeah, I am. Yes. Really.

Scott: Marissa, that's even more reason to move far away from this place.

Marissa: J.R.'s been really great lately.

Scott: No, wait. Hold on a second. Do not let him pull you back in, Marissa.

Marissa: I --

Scott: Do not let him start making decisions for you.

Marissa: I'm not. My marriage is really over. We just have to sign the final papers.

Scott: All right, well, my advice to you, get it done and over with.

J.R.: Well -- look who's here.

Scott: J.R. I notice my things are missing. I assume you've put them in storage.

J.R.: Yeah, storage.

Scott: Your subtle way of kicking me out?

J.R.: The courts might have let you go free, but you don't get off so easily for betraying this family.

Scott: Ok, you can relax, because I wouldn't move back into this place on a bet. Just came back for this. [Takes a painting of his father's off the wall] Take care of yourself. I meant what I said. Get away from this place.

Marissa: J.R., he's still your family.

J.R.: No. Not anymore he isn't.

Marissa: I just thought that now that he's free -- you know what, no. It is not any of my business anymore. We should go. We're gonna be late for court.

J.R.: You know there's no hurry. not now.

Brot: Natalia, I can tell you're nervous. You don't have to do this.

Natalia: You have no idea what I'm about to do. Listen, about last night, I think -- I know I gave you the wrong impression, and last night wasn't the first time.

Brot: Well, end of dates aren't exactly our strong point.

Natalia: Which could probably make you feel -- not so good about us. But I want you to know -- I want you to know that when I see you, I see a very sexy man, not just the guy who suffered some horrible injury in Iraq.

Brot: What about my face?

Natalia: I love your face. It's kind. It's sweet. It's handsome. And I am so sorry that if for one second I made you to believe any different --

Brot: It did cross my mind.

Natalia: It was never about that, Brot.

Brot: So if it wasn't that --

Natalia: It's not.

Brot: So it's safe to assume that things aren't clicking between us.

Natalia: No. I didn't say that, either.

Brot: Then what is it? Natalia, my ego can take it.

Natalia: Well, keep your ego in check, but I've never had feelings this strong. Ever.

Brot: Well, that's -- that's really confusing. How is it that you can have those feelings, but we're --

Natalia: Look, it's just hard to explain!

Brot: Well, can you please, please, just try?

Natalia: I'm just -- I'm -- not that experienced.

Brot: That's fine.

Natalia: No. I mean, really -- not that experienced.

Brot: By not experienced, you mean..

Natalia: Yeah, I do. Or don't. I haven't.

Brot: Not ever?

Natalia: Not ever.

Natalia: Ok, so now you know, and I should probably leave, because you must think I'm --

Brot: You know what I think? I think you're an amazing, beautiful woman who has nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm gonna give you some privacy.

[Elevator doors open]

[Door closes]

Brot: Why don't you take off your jacket? Just your jacket. That's it.

Natalia: Yeah.

Brot: Come on.

Natalia: I'm sorry. You must think I'm --

Brot: Natalia, stop. We can't keep making assumptions about each other.

Natalia: There are reasons why it never happened, you know. My first boyfriend just -- he was a total jerk. The guy after him -- gay. The list just goes on and on. Then I met you. And you were sweet and kind and funny and sexy. I just froze.

Brot: Why?

Natalia: I didn't want to disappoint you.

Brot: Disappoint me? Disappoint me? Do you know what it means to know that you've wanted me, you've wanted me to make love to you, touch you?

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