All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 1/12/11


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Jake: How are things going with Annie?

Amanda: Still talking.

Jake: If she starts talking in tongues, do yourself a favor and run.

Amanda: It's not that easy.

Jake: If you value this marriage, I'd get my butt home as soon as I can. Got it?

Amanda: As soon as I can. Annie, I really want you to be happy.

Annie: Thanks. You're a good friend, Amanda. You're probably my first friend ever.

Amanda: I'm here for you, but right now I got to get home to my 2 boys--my 2 men, that is. We'll talk tomorrow Okay bye.

Tad: Not bad. What do I owe you?

Cara: For the re-bandaging or for the listening?

Tad: Both.

Cara: All right. For bandaging, on the house. But I'm gonna have to bill your mental health insurance for the listening.

Tad: You know what's really confusing?

Cara: Hmm?

Tad: I know I should dislike you a hell of a lot more than I do.

Cara: I'm gonna take that as a compliment. Look, I know you're Jake's brother, and I was this big, unwanted surprise that suddenly showed up, so I get it if you want me on the next bus out of here. I would actually think less of you if you didn't feel that way about me.

Tad: No. Absolutely. Take off. What's keeping you? See, I just was hoping you'd do it after dinner. Because if you came in looking for a meal, I'm buying.

Cara: Really? Oh. Thank you. I actually did come here for a distraction. I was thinking a drink, do some thinking. You were a really nice alternative--sans the broken shards of glass part, of course. Hey. I really hope things work out with your son.

Tad: Me, too.

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