All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 1/11/11


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Liza: This is not a good time.

Tad: Really? That's funny. Was it a good time for you and Damon?

Liza: Ok, you know what? I know what you're gonna say, and I cannot handle it right now.

Tad: I don't care, Liza. I don't give a damn if you're coming apart at the seams. You're gonna hear what I have to say, whether you like it or not.

Liza: I know what you're gonna say.

Tad: No, you don't. You have no idea what I want to say, but I'll make you a deal. I'll start out with a question, like what the hell were you thinking?

Liza: Yeah, obviously, I wasn't. It just -- it just happened.

Tad: No. No, not good enough, Liza. I'm sorry. Things like this don't "just happen." Not with your daughter's boyfriend. Not with your ex's son.

Liza: He was upset, and I was upset, and I wanted to help him.

Tad: By sleeping with him?

Liza: God, it wasn't like that.

Tad: How was it, Liza? How the hell do you go from wanting to help a poor, confused kid through a rough patch to helping him out of his clothes?

Liza: You know what? Just stop it!

Tad: Why should I? You didn't, obviously.

Liza: Oh! He was upset, and so was I.

Tad: The difference is you're an adult.

Liza: Yeah, I know. I know. I know. I should've stopped it, but I couldn't.

Tad: Yes, you could. Absolutely. All you had to do was stop long enough to think about how you felt 25 years ago. All you had to do was summon enough moral fiber to keep your skirt on.

Liza: I'm sorry! Ok? I'm sorry!

Tad: [Laughs] Oh, ok. Ok. Terrific. Then I guess we're done here. Like it never happened, right? I'll tell you something, Liza. It sure as hell happened. It happened to you and to me and to Marian, and now it's happened to our kids.

Liza: Ok, you know what? Say it. Go ahead, say it, right? I'm the one thing I never wanted to be, right? I'm my mother.

Liza: My mother lied to me. And after she slept with you, all I could see was this weak, pathetic woman who had no trouble putting herself in front of her daughter, and I swore in that moment that I would never do that, ever! I would never do that kind of damage to my daughter, and that is exactly what I have done!

Tad: No, it's worse. Much worse. Because back in the day, I didn't give a damn about Marian. I was so damaged, to me, it was some kind of a game. But Damon? Damon respects you. He cares about you. He took care of you. He trusted you. And that's a hell of a trick for him, especially after you set him up, and you knew it. You knew all of it, and you still slept with him.

Liza: I know. I know how wrong that was.

Tad: Why? How could you do it? If you want to hurt me, do it. Come after me. But how could you screw with Damon like that?

Liza: I don't know! I don't know!

Tad: That's not good enough, Liza.

Liza: It's just things, you know, have just been so messed up for so long. Colby and I -- we've just been so far apart, and I just -- I just wanted us to come back together.

Tad: I got to hand it to you. You're off to a ripping start.

Liza: Oh, my God, what happens if she finds out?

Tad: She won't. Liza, look at me. She can't. I give you my word I'm not gonna tell her.

Liza: Thank you.

Tad: Don't.

Liza: Oh, Tad, we're supposed to learn from our mistakes. I loved you so much, and I was so humiliated. I have done the exact same thing to my own daughter.

Tad: My God. 25 years ago. 25 years. What the hell did I do to you?

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