All My Children Best Lines Friday 1/7/11


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Erica: What were you thinking?

Griffin: I was thinking she needed this.

Erica: She needed this? To get a heart attack to make your job more fun?

Kendall: Mother, please. Dr. Castillo was just trying to help me.

Erica: Help? By dragging you in here to see the man who --

Kendall: There was no dragging.

Griffin: No, just some wheeling.

Erica: Oh, you think you're so funny.

Colby: I am so sorry.

Damon: For which part? Lying to me then or lying to me now?

Colby: No, I wasn't lying.

Damon: Save it. He already kissed you once. Am I supposed to believe this was just the second time? How long has this been going on?

Colby: I swear to you, there is nothing going on between me and Asher. Yes, there was that one kiss, but that was it!

Damon: Ok. That makes me feel a lot better. You were kissing him back!

Colby: What? No, I wasn't!

Damon: I was standing right there! Before, you were all, "Oh, he just kissed me. I wanted nothing to do with it."

Colby: I didn't want anything to do with it!

Damon: But this time --

Colby: I don't know. It just happened.

Damon: Because you wanted it to!

Colby: No, because everything is so messed up between us!

Damon: That's your excuse? No wonder you were all over me before. When I was pushing you to work things out with your mom, you were looking for a fight.

Colby: No, you know that's not true.

Damon: Any reason to go running to Asher.

Colby: It wasn't an act, Damon. I wasn't looking for a fight!

Damon: Oh, so he was just really that good at making you feel all better?

Colby: You know that it wasn't like that.

Damon: Then what was it like?

Colby: I don't know. I was upset, and Asher, he was there for me!

Damon: Right, right, right, he was just there. So if Lucretia had been in the room, it would have been you two that I walked in on?

Colby: Damon, you know that's not true!

Damon: Everything I have done -- waiting tables, getting my GED, taking that job with Liza -- it was all about you! To make you proud of me, to convince you that I was good enough for you! That us dating wasn't a mistake!

Colby: I never thought that we were a mistake.

Damon: Neither did I -- until right now.

Erica: What must what be like?

Liza: To be you. Right? To be Erica Kane, the object of everybody's faithful attention.

Erica: Wow, jealousy looks so pathetic on you.

Liza: It's not jealousy.

Erica: Oh, yes, it certainly is, and it's desperation, because why else would you be coming at me like a bat out of hell when you know very well you don't have a case?

Liza: Please.

Erica: That's it? That's the best you can do? "Please"?

Liza: What would you like me to say?

Erica: That you want what I have: Success, both professional and personal, because let's face it, Liza, you are a failure at both.

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