All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 12/29/10


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Natalia: How many stakeouts have you been on in your life anyway?

Tad: Since I had an 8-track in my car.

J.R.: I want to know what you're up to with Marissa. What's your angle?

Scott: So much for the new-and-improved J.R. You used her. You played her for all you could, said the right things -- anything to keep her from getting custody of A.J., huh?

J.R.: That's not for you to worry about. I have a life outside. You want to know what my favorite thing to do is? I like to wake up in the morning -- ahh -- take a deep breath of that free, fresh air. And I dress myself in a suit, and I go to work. What do you do? You live here. How's that all working out for you anyhow?

Scott: Oh, J.R. It's funny. Here I am locked up behind these walls. I haven't had any contact with you in months, and like I said, I haven't even thought about you. And yet you still feel threatened by me.

Cara: It was great working with Jake. He's an incredible doctor.

Tad: It brought memories, didn't it?

Cara: Mm-hmm. Ahem. You've been divorced, yes? There's reason people get distance from each other.

Tad: Yeah. On the other hand, my ex-wife and I live in the same house.

Cara: No way.

Krystal: Hell, yeah. And that's what I said when he suggested the whole idea.

Cara: So you two --

Tad: Happily divorced, happily cohabitating.

Krystal: Yeah, most of the time.

Cara: You're freaks. You know this, right? People -- that's not normal.

Tad: People do all kinds of amazing things. Krystal and I like each other. We have two beautiful children. It works for us.

Cara: And what if you want to date?

Tad: Oh. It hasn't come up. I'll let you know when it happens.

Cara: Hey, I'm sure you got it going on.

Tad: Actually, no. I still got it. It's at home in the medicine cabinet, but I find that most women sense my sexual power and it frightens them.

Cara: Yes, I --

Tad: Yeah, I had a relationship about a couple months back and it didn't work out. What about you? You're a single gal. You're a doctor. You're smart, funny, reasonably attractive, and you left with Griffin a long time ago. There has to have been somebody since Jake.

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