All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 12/21/10


Provided By Gisele

Caleb: I'm gonna give you 24 hours to turn over all of Cortlandt Electronics' financial statements, and if you choose not to cooperate, I will get a court order. Easy or hard, this is gonna get done.

J.R.: Well, there's never been a decision that can't be overturned.

Caleb: Ha ha ha! You are too much. You can hold on to that if it makes you feel good. You took your eye off the ball. You let yourself be led around by your, um, personal life. It's over, Junior. You lost, and I'm not just talking about Cortlandt Electronics. It's just a matter of time until you lose your daddy's business, too.

Madison: No. There is no perfect time to tell a guy who's in love with someone else, "Hey, guess what? I'm pregnant. Whoo hoo."

Frankie: I'd leave out the whoo-hoo.

Greenlee: Hey, I think we need to talk.

Kendall: I think we've said all we need to say.

Greenlee: Not about us, about Madison. I'm worried about her.

Kendall: That's funny.

Ryan: Look. Greenlee doesn't mean you any harm at all.

Madison: Greenlee would like for me to evaporate, ok, and you know what? That's the same thing that I wished for her -- painless but permanent evaporation.

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