All My Children Best Lines Friday 12/10/10


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Kendall: Did Bianca send you over here, Reverend Torres?

Reverend Torres: No, and please, call me Ricky. I just wanted to check in after the memorial.

Kendall: Oh, I get it. This is a "make sure Kendall's not losing it" day?

Ricky: Oh, stop it. I didn't think you'd be losing it, although that would be a legitimate option in this situation, as long as nobody gets hurt, of course.

Kendall: No, it's just regular old grieving hurt here.

Ricky: Exactly. You know, saying good-bye is hard, but so is life getting back to normal.

Kendall: Reverend -- Ricky, you did an amazing job at Zach's memorial. It was perfect, but I'm really not a religious person.

Ricky: Ok, I'm not offended. This isn't a recruitment mission. I'm not looking for somebody to run this Saturday's bake sale, Kendall, I promise.

Kendall: Ok, so you don't expect me to show up at church on Sunday?

Ricky: Hey, that's totally your call. Listen, I performed a wedding the other day, and this couple gave me a gift in thanks. And I'm usually not supposed to accept gifts, but they would not take no for an answer. I got -- Flyers tickets. And they just happen to be playing the Red Wings. Zach's team, right?

Kendall: Yeah, Zach turned him into a huge fan.

Ricky: So I thought you and maybe Ryan might want to take little Spike to the game.

Kendall: Wow, that is very generous.

Ricky: Don't get me wrong. If Zach would have been a Sixers' fan, you would be out of luck. 'Cause basketball -- that's more my speed.

Kendall: I don't know what to say. Thank you.

Ricky: It's not a problem. So listen, I'll give you a call next week and see how the game went.

Kendall: Ok. Hey, Spikey, what's the matter? What's the matter?

Spike: Bad dream.

Kendall: Bad dream? Come here. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Spike: I heard Daddy Zach calling me, but I couldn't find him.

Kendall: Oh, come here, baby. I know. I miss him, too. A lot. But you know what, I think I have found a way that we can feel closer to him.

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