All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 12/8/10


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Tad: No matter what else happens today, I hope you know how much Zach loved you. Still does. I should know because I got a ringside seat. Remember when his father had kidnapped you and was holding you hostage? I was the one that helped Zach track you down again. Do you remember? He would have moved heaven and earth to get you back. He did.

Kendall: Zach's father took Dixie from you. How? How did you do it? How did you survive? I don't know how to do this.

Tad: Well, honey, nobody does.

Kendall: But it's like sometimes it's so much, I can't even breathe.

Tad: Yeah, but you can. And you are. You were breathing when you got the news. You're still breathing. It won't always hurt like this. You know, that heaviness in your chest, that thing that feels like it's crushing your soul, it changes.

Kendall: When?

Tad: I can't tell you that. But I can tell you this: Even after you say good-bye, you can still talk to Zach, and you should. And if you listen really, really hard, he can still talk to you.

Kendall: How? Prayer or something?

Tad: Sure, whatever works. With Dixie and me, it was a star. When she was still alive and we were separate, we would look up at the night sky at this one particular star and phone home. It made sense to us at the time, because basically the night sky is the same anywhere you go. Truth is I still talk to Dixie, every single day, and she's still talking to me. She's still here, right here. She always will be.

Reverend Torres: I didn't know Zach, but after talking with Kendall, I realized a lot of people didn't know him well. It appears that Zach was a man of few words, quiet, reflective, extremely protective not only of his own privacy, but of his family and friends as well. When I asked why he was this way, Kendall didn't hesitate. She explained that Zach was a survivor. As a young boy, he suffered terrible emotional abuse, only to be followed by overwhelming grief. Most people wouldn't have come out the other side. But Zach wasn't like most people. He staged -- well, I guess you could call it a kind of rebirth. He left his old life behind and embarked on a journey as a new man, a journey that led him to the love of his life, Kendall Hart. Now, Zach and Kendall's wasn't your typical love story. The road was rocky, and at first there were more valleys than peaks. But once they figured it out, once they settled into their family lives, Zach's rebirth was complete. He had a home. He had a family, a future. You know, for a man so used to not putting down roots, Zach created an incredible life for himself. A life cut too short? Yes. But not -- not a life wasted.

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