All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 12/7/10


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Griffin: I think I understand. You're overwhelmed with grief. You blame David for your husband's death, but do you have any idea what would have happened if you went through with this? I'm not just talking about you. I'm talking about your kids. What about your mother? She could be facing a murder charge if David dies. Look at me. No matter what this man did, you cannot play God.

Kendall: My child's father is at the bottom of the ocean because that man played God every day of his life.

Kendall: It sounds so simple when you say it.

Reverend Torres: I know this isn't gonna be easy.

Kendall: I just feel so empty, so lost without Zach.

Reverend Torres: Then keep him with you -- in here. Let everything that you loved about him live on through you. Ask your questions. You'll find he'll help you answer them.

Kendall: You know, sometimes I still call Zach's cell phone just so I can hear his voice on his message. Some nights, I call it over and over again because I don't want to ever forget.

Reverend Torres: You've suffered a terrible tragedy, but you know what, you've also been lucky. You loved and you were loved back, and that never goes away. And in time, you'll find a way to tap into that love. You'll see how amazing it can be. Anyway, if you ever want to talk, you can usually reach me here. Or better yet, why don't you come down to the new school and pick up a hammer? I gotta tell you, knocking through plaster board can be really cathartic.

Kendall: Reverend Torres. Would you perform Zach's memorial service?

Reverend Torres: It would be my honor.

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