All My Children Best Lines Monday 12/6/10


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Liza : You committed a crime.

Erica: That's not what this is about. You're jealous of me.

Liza: Excuse me?

Erica: Ever since you fired me at WRCW. I have thrived in the business world. I have two daughters I'm very close to. I'm about to marry the love of my life. Whereas you, on the other hand, don't even have a cat to feed when you go home at night. and as or your career--well, let's just say it's easier to prove a murder charge when the guy is really dead.

Liza: This has nothing to do with that.

Erica: It has everything to do with that. You are trying to save face by going after me.

Liza: You shot David in the back.

Erica: I saved Ryan's life.

Liza: Or you attempted to murder a man that was making your life miserable.

Erica: Ok, let's just get this through your thick, red head. You will not bully Erica Kane and get away with it.

Erica: You are so desperate to get the public to forget the fact that you got greenlee convicted of killing a man who was actually alive and healthy.

Liza: I prosecuted a case from the information at hand.

Erica: Oh, no. You overreached and you were underprepared, and now you're trying to use my celebrity to take everyone's mind off your miserable zero-to-one track record.

Liza: So this whole thing is pointless to tell you that I'm doing my job, right?

Erica: You're doing a miserable job. And just in case you're also confused, I'm not greenlee. I have teeth, and I will fight with everything I have.

Liza: I'd expect nothing less.

Erica: Expect this--when I'm through with you, you will be lucky to find a job as a burger flipper in the courthouse cafeteria.

Kendall: I need to do this by myself.

Greenlee: You don't have to do it alone.

Kendall: But I am alone. I have to figure out, I have to find a way how I can walk back into our bedroom and not break into a thousand pieces. I have to find a way and figure out how I'm thou supposed to be somebody I don't know how to be: A single mother working and waking up every morning without the man who breathed life into this home and into me. I sent him to help you, and now...I'd like you to leave.

Greenlee: I just wish there was a way I could make this easier for you.

Kendall: You can't. No one can, but especially not you.

Greenlee: I don't want to leave you.

Kendall: You have a husband in the hospital. Maybe you should visit him.

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