All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 12/1/10


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know, I know. It's ok. I got you some flowers.

Madison: Thank you.

Ryan: How you feeling?

Madison: My arm is killing me. What happened?

Ryan: You were shot.

Madison: Shot? By who?

Ryan: By the man who will not die.

Amanda: What does "lead sneakers" mean?

Griffin: They're heavy. They weigh you down.

Amanda: What makes you think that I'm harping on this Cara thing? Ok, yes, it bothers me that my husband flipped out on his ex's whatever it is that you are when you walked in the hospital.

Griffin: I'm not saying it doesn't make sense.

Amanda: What are you saying?

Griffin: When I was in training, every grade, every surgical evaluation meant the world to me. Dr. Hayward was my God. I was facing the biggest surgical eval of my career. I studied for weeks. I figured out every question they could ask me, every scenario I could face in the O.R. But when I woke up that morning, my water and electricity had been turned off, my car wouldn't start, and I got a letter from the dean saying that there was a problem with my school loans.

Amanda: That's awful.

Griffin: Everything that could go wrong did. Everything that someone could do to ruin my morning was happening.

Amanda: Are you saying that someone did this to you?

Griffin: Dr. Hayward did it to me.

Amanda: What? Why?

Griffin: Because I was operating that morning, and he wanted to see if I could do it while my life was falling apart.

Amanda: I would say that seems cruel, but it's David.

Griffin: It was the greatest thing anyone ever did for me.

Amanda: How is that possible?

Griffin: A robot could do surgery. Focus is nothing if there's nothing else.

Amanda: But there's always something else.

Griffin: Exactly. Car won't start, bills to pay. I got a cute nurse giving me the eye. Patient was mentor. Doesn't matter. There is only here. That's what he said when I walked into the O.R. that morning. If you really want this, there's only here. Everything else is --

Amanda: Lead sneakers.

Griffin: You have what you want. What else is there?

Amanda: I just want to know if she --

Griffin: I'm gonna go back to the hospital. I'm gonna see if I can find some med school kids to mess with.

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