All My Children Best Lines Monday 11/29/10


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Erica: I know. I know it doesn't feel like it, honey. It's -- it's still so fresh.

Kendall: So -- time helps? Is that what you're saying, that one day I'll just be over it?

Erica: No. No, I think we both know that it's not gonna be like that.

Kendall: I just wanted the boys to have the perfect life, to always feel safe and -- and loved and wanted.

Erica: And they have all that.

Kendall: No, but they don't, Mom. They don't. They don't. Not anymore.

Erica: Of course, they do. They have you.

Kendall: I know I'm supposed to be strong for my children, but I'm not. I'm a mess.

Erica: That's not true. You will get through this.

Kendall: No, Mom, I won't. I won't. I don't have it in me anymore.

Erica: Kendall, I want you to look at me. Look at me. You do have it in you

Erica: Honey, I know that there's nothing that I could possibly say that could make this hurt feel any better. But one thing I know is that every woman in our family, every single one, has had to face challenges. And we have. They knock us down, but we get up.

Kendall: I don't know how I'm gonna tell Spike and Ian.

Erica: You will find the words, and we will be there with you. Bianca and I are in your corner no matter what. And your grandmother is with you, too. And she always said to you that you will find your strength.

Kendall: I think it's time to go home. We have to have a family meeting.

Tad: [Clinks glass] I'd like to make a toast.

Jake: Oh, boy, here we go.

Opal: All righty.

Jake: You can't eat all that.

Tad: Folks, I give you -- me.

Jake: Oh, fabulous. I love this.

Tad: The luckiest man in the world. And I just have to stop and think about it, you know? Last year at this time, I had no idea that I had yet another son, and this year I'm stuck -- with the knucklehead who seems -- seems to have disappeared. Anyway, well, anyway, let's not forget my beloved brother. Huh?

Jake: You got me.

Tad: My lieutenant. My partner in crime during the very "fowl" crime that was committed tonight.


Tad: I know. I should stop. I should stop. But anyway, anyway, I also have, last but not least, I also have the rest of you, you know? My beloved friends and my family. And that's quite a blessing, you know? That's enough for any man. And I think -- actually, I know losing Zach has made me -- made all of us more aware of that, you know, exactly what we have. Each other. Truth is, there's a lot of pain out there, you know. A lot of suffering and a lot of loneliness, and when you're on your own, sometimes it feels like it's too much. When you got your family -- and your friends -- and your kids -- you can get through anything.

Tad: We've all seen a lot of tragedy in the last year. A lot. And sometimes it's easy to lay in bed at night and worry and wonder, how much worse can it get? How much more can I take? But that's really a waste of time, because -- with you, I know for sure -- as long as you got somebody to love and somebody to love you, it gets better. It always gets better if you just hang on. And that's us, you know? That's Pine Valley, right? We struggle, we screw up --


Tad: But we persevere. Together. So what do you say, huh? Let's raise a glass.

Amanda: Right.

[Glasses clink]

Tad: To this wonderful, crazy thing called family and this wonderful, crazy place we call Pine Valley. Never a dull moment. Happy Thanksgiving.

All: Happy Thanksgiving

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