All My Children Best Lines Friday 11/19/10


Provided By Eva

Griffin: The room is yours for 10 more minutes.

Kendall: I won't even ask.

Griffin: Ok, but I want to ask. You, mopping floors?

Bianca: She stuck her neck out for a friend a few inches too far. She does that sometimes.

Kendall: Ergo, the mop.

Griffin: Wow. Will you be my friend?

Kendall: Binks, this is really silly. I'm completely healthy, I'm fine. And my work -- I'm way behind in schedule.

Bianca: But you still look tired.

Kendall: It's really hard for me to sleep without Zach next to me. It feels weird. The boys keep coming in. They keep waking up. They want water or a story. They keep asking, "When's Daddy coming home?"

Bianca: They miss him.

Kendall: Yeah. So we all just slept together, one big pile of us missing Zach.

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