All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 11/17/10


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Jake: So -- what exactly are you doing here?

Griffin: I came here to see my old mentor from med school, Dr. David Hayward.

Jake: Oh, that's perfect.

Griffin: I hear he wasn't the most popular guy in town.

Jake: Did you hear that he's dead?

Amanda: Jake?

Tad: Frankie told him.

Jake: I think that anybody that would actually call David Hayward their mentor is probably as twisted as he is.

Griffin: I didn't know him well personally. He was one of my instructors in med school, and the guy was a serious cardiothoracic rock star.

Jake: Well, now he's just a rock, so you probably wasted a trip here.

Opal: Oh.

Griffin: They said you needed to tell me something.

Opal: Well, yes. I wanted to say thank you, and say that I don't usually cotton to doctors.

Griffin: Yeah, your son clued me in on that.

Opal: Yeah, but you are so different. I mean, you're not pompous and know it all, like your friend Dr. Hayward was. Oh, no, you are gorgeous -- well -- and, I mean, your bedside manner -- well, I hardly even know I'm in a hospital.

Griffin: Well, thank you. I'll take that as a compliment.

Opal: Yeah. I mean, what you do, as a heart surgeon, must be so fascinating.

Griffin: It's just a job.

Opal: Oh, now, don't you get all humble on me. You are a top rated surgeon. You know, you got to own that.

Griffin: You should get some rest.

Opal: Well, I mean, do you like -- cutting people open and holding their hearts in your hand?

Griffin: I guess I do. Every time, it's something. And every time, it feels like the first time. But that's nothing like making one beat again after it stopped. Making it pump again, coming back to life. That's -- that's a miracle. And people won't tell you that even though we all have the same mechanics, each one is different. A man's heart is like a piece of plumbing. The arteries are thick and big. When a guy's ticker's is in trouble, he knows it. The symptoms are obvious.

Griffin's voice: A woman's heart is warm, delicate. It's complex. And as much as we know about the heart, we still don't know why it hurts when it's sad or why it wants what it wants.

Griffin's voice: It's a mystery. A contradiction, from which without, we can neither think or speak or love or live. This organ -- this life force is at the center of every single thing we do. It's what drives us to want more, be more, and live every moment to the fullest. Because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

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