All My Children Best Lines Friday 11/12/10


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Greenlee: I feel like I'm gonna wake up and this whole day will have vanished. You'll be gone. We won't have said what we said.

Ryan: And what was that again?

Greenlee: "I love you."

Ryan: That's right. I knew it was something kind of big.

Greenlee: Kind of.

Ryan: Hey. Nothing can take us away from this. Nothing.

Greenlee: Ooh.

Ryan: What is it? Your ankle?

Greenlee: Hmm. They could make designer shoes that are fashionable and also work for hopping over railings.

Damon: You and Asher? When?

Colby: Yesterday.

Damon: That's what I walked in on. That's why you guys were being so weird! I'm such an idiot!

Colby: Damon, don't. Seriously, don't.

Damon: I apologized to him. "Sorry, man. Want to hang out afterwards?" And the whole time he's macking on my girlfriend!

Colby: No, it wasn't like that!

Damon: Then what was it like?

Colby: It was random. We were-- he started talking about his father and everything that he's dealing with, and then...

Damon: And then his tongue was down your throat?

Colby: No. It wasn't like that.

Damon: We hung out afterward.

Colby: I know.

Damon: I asked you what was up. You didn't say anything.

Colby: Because I knew that you would react like this. Look, the kiss--it was--it was a mistake.

Damon: No. No. Guys do not kiss girls by mistake. I'm sorry.

Colby: He was caught up in the moment.

Damon: Oh. So you had a moment?

Colby: No! No! Damon, I love you, and I know that I should've told you sooner, but I am telling you now.

Damon: You know what? I have been nothing but nice to that guy since he just appeared here. So I don't care what he's going through or what kind of crappy day he had.

Colby: Damon, please don't!

Damon: What?

Colby: Please?

Damon: "Please" what?

Colby: Don't make me regret telling you.

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