All My Children Best Lines Thursday 11/11/10


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Ryan: Shh. Let's just stay here a little bit longer, ok, just to make sure.

Greenlee: You don't think this is a little extreme? He's just a hotel security guard.

Ryan: Well, you know, the cops were already after you by the time we left pine valley, so...

Greenlee: You know that thing we went on with the wings and the big engine? It took us to California. I highly doubt the search went nationwide overnight.

Ryan: Ok, you can make fun of me all you want, but I'm not taking any chances. Not with you.

Jesse: What's the problem?

Natalia: Brot has a serious problem with scut work.

Brot: You're kidding me.

Natalia: Oh, ok, so when I give you an order, you don't complain?

Brot: Give me an order? Give me an order? Maybe if you didn't pull rank 24/7 I'd have a better attitude.

Natalia: Detective is over officer, Brot. Get over it.

Jesse: You know what? You both need to get over something. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your jobs. I suggest we come clean right now.

Brot: Ahem. Natalia and I have been hanging out.

Jesse: Hanging out?

Brot: Yeah, but just--just a couple of dates.

Natalia: We thought there was something there, but...there wasn't. We were wrong.

Brot: Dead wrong.

Jesse: Well, all righty, then. Glad to hear it.

Natalia: Glad? Why?

Jesse: Well, if the two of you were involved, I'd have to transfer one of you out of the department, right?

Brot: Well, the good thing is is that won't be necessary.

Natalia: Ever.

Jesse: Ok. Um, well, thanks for the honesty. Brot, listen, why don't you go finish up at the courthouse. She'll catch up with you later.

Natalia: Brot and I are not dating. You have nothing to worry about.

Jesse: You know, there was a time when I thought it would be cool for you two to be together. This was before he joined the force, though.

Natalia: Yeah, well, luckily that didn't happen.

Jesse: Yeah, luckily. The two of you are way too valuable. I would have to get rid of one of you, and I couldn't do that. Especially you.

Natalia: You have to say that.

Jesse: I do not have to say that. Natalia, you're one of the best detectives I have.

Natalia: Really?

Jesse: Really. You are never distracted with personal issues, you can always work weekends, and you are focused 100% on your job in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

Natalia: Whoa, whoa. Back up the bus. What are you saying, I'm married to my work?

Jesse: Well, isn't that what you want?

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