All My Children Best Lines Friday 10/22/10


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Kendall: Yeah. My husband's not around right now.

Leona: Sometimes that's a good thing.

Kendall: Not this time. I miss him so much. I know this is gonna sound completely ridiculous and silly -- it's like this is straight out of a romance novel -- but I have this fantasy that I'm wearing this long, flowy dress and I've got a little flower tucked behind my ear and I'm on a beautiful hillside, and he comes riding back to me on this big white horse. Yeah. Anyway, that's what I think about when I stare into this bucket of muddy water.

Kendall: You're back.

Leona: You forgot your horse.

Jesse: You lost your sight because of that kid when he came into the E.R. Ramón -- you picked up that infection from him.

Angie: That's only part of the story.

Jesse: Tell me the rest.

Angie: When Ramón was brought in, he needed immediate attention. And thanks to David's cuts, there was no specialist on duty, so I jumped in while they tried to track someone down.

Jesse: Yeah, I remember. I was there.

Angie: When Ramón went into respiratory distress, I looked for a mask and gloves, but there weren't any in the room. So I sent a nurse to go get some, but there wasn't time. If I didn't treat that child, he was going to die. And so I did, unprotected.

Jesse: So this infection -- you lost -- because of David Hayward's cutbacks? Why didn't you say anything to me, Angela?

Angie: I was honestly afraid you would kill him.

Jesse: I'm so sorry, baby.

Angie: I wasn't entirely honest before about being willing to testify at Greenlee's trial because what I would say -- what I would've said about her husband, what he did -- she's going through enough, so I didn't want to lay this on her, too.

Jesse: Then lay it on me now.

Angie: What?

Jesse: Tell me what you would've said if you had to take the stand. You've been holding this inside for way too long.

Angie: I would've said that David Hayward was single-handedly destroying pine valley hospital, that he cared more about the bottom line than human lives. And I can't entirely blame him for what happened to me, but I can blame him for forcing me to make a terrible choice, a choice that will affect the rest of my life, my family, my career. And thanks to how rotten and cold-hearted he was, I won't be able to see our baby -- his first smile, his first steps. Instead, I'm in the dark! I'm in the dark, and he stole from me! And now there is no way that I can make him pay. And I'm a Christian woman and I try not to hate, but I swear to God I hate David Hayward. I hate him, Jesse! I hate him!

Madison: I can't believe you would throw yourself under the bus, possibly leave spike and Emma without a father, for Greenlee?

Ryan: That's not what I'm doing. I'm just creating reasonable doubt. That's it.

Madison: What happens when Greenlee gets off, huh? Liza's gonna want a conviction one way or the other. She will have you on trial before you can blink. What happens then, Ryan, huh? Who throws himself under the bus for you? I need some air.

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